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I'm sure we've all heard about green tea's ability to speed up our metabolism, but what about all these other teas out there for us to consume? Here are five kinds of tea that can help speed up weight loss, and they taste great! Personally, I love peppermint tea in the morning and red tea (rooibos) in the afternoon. Green Tea Benefit: Helps burn more calories at the gym Oolong Tea Benefit: Boosts fat metabolism Mint Tea Benefit: Wards off the munchies White Tea Benefit: Blocks new fat cells from forming Red Tea Benefit: Regulates hunger signals For the full explanation you can follow the link :)
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@Spudsomma, I am in the US and I love green tea!!! I'm super excited! !! Thanks again!!! Going to the website now
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These sound lovely! I'm a big tea drinker myself, and I've been trying to get my husband into it as well but he's so picky. Any of you have suggestions for teas for non-tea drinkers? @nokcha @flymetothemoon @Nisfit @jessicatsyrul @Spudsomma @ShakiraStrange
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Hmm, @pixiedust, maybe just a plain black tea to start? Even if he puts cream and sugar in, he will get some health benefits. Some people can't get used to the taste of green tea, so I wouldn't start there.
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I love peppermint tea as well, but I usually drink it after a meal to help digestion. @spudsomma I agree! Also adding milk will soften the texture of black tea, so the taste is less strong.
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I on a regular drink Natural Mint tea and I Drink Green tea from a Bag but it explains how my head aches and cravings have been bless and less :)
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