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Lonac's Exhibition in Kranjčar Gallery

Lonac came up with a pretty cool idea to reuse old boards. He uses them to make sculptural installations. This installation he named "Big Catch". Here is what he says about the installation: "With the skateboard, as one of the symbols of today’s street culture, I try to use different ways of shaping the motive of a fish which I use for some time now on street walls. On the streets I connect the abstract background with photorealistic elements and the equivalent to street walls I also find in used skateboards. From each separate old, used skateboard I create a fish bone and contrasting to this process I transform broken boards into fish scales which I then connect to a recycled wooden board in the shape of a fish head on which I paint the human eye. This big fish, as an anthropomorphic installation, illustrates the idea that each person is a mosaic of other people and other influences which are, through circumstance united into one integral whole. The skateboard works are a sort of homage to the skateboard culture and street culture in general." Check out more on his blog: http://lonac.blogspot.kr/
@pipeline It is really nice!
Glad to see old boards put to good use!
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