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Top 5 Veggie-Friendly Cities in the World
According to a study done by the great people of Happy Cow, here are 2014's top 5 Vegan friendly cities. 1. Berlin, Germany - 27 purely vegan restaurants plus hundreds more marked vegetarian friendly. Also, it seems like nearly all restaurants have some labeled vegan options on their menus. 2. New York City, USA - As of July 2014, NYC as a whopping number of 63 purely vegan restaurants! 3. Portland, USA - Recognized as one of the most livable cities in the world, Portland has nearly 25 veggie restaurants as well as bike paths galore to promote an even healthier lifestyle. 4. San Francisco, USA - SF has dozens of vegan cafes, trendy vegetarian restaurants, and health food stores offering raw, vegan, vegetarian, and vegetarian-friendly fare! 5. London, England - Tons of vegan eateries and vegetarian grocers. Maybe the mad cow disease scared a few people...
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