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We stand by Kim Hyun Joong 4ever
I understand supporting him if he's innocent, but if he did do it do you still support him? I'd only still support him if he agreed to counseling and was really serious about it.
it is not that we support KHJ either we condon the girl but of course it is a matter of choice, both of them might have a reason why did they do such, but it is better to think Kim Hyun Joong INNOCENT until proven guilty ...
sure .. people wl support the girl .. but not here .. try other forums other places .. this s khj home.
I hope people also support the girl.
if he s innocent .. close case. if he s guilty .. he really need some kind of help frm us .. u ll not abandon ur family members rite .. he s our hyung .. our oppa .. our brother .. i ll stand by him whtevr the verdict .. my way.
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