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Kids love to laugh. They laugh way more than adults do. So why not supply even more laughs? Kids love jokes, riddles and puns. There are plenty of books out there to tickle their funny bones. Whether it's a book of knock-knock jokes, holiday-specific riddles, or puns that will make you groan, if your child enjoys humor, head to the 818 section in your library. You'll find plenty of humor on all kinds of topics. I just searched at our elementary school libraries, and we have over 500 books of jokes, riddles, and more! You're sure to find some that will put a smile on your face, and keep your child reading!
When I worked in elementary school, my joke and riddle books were worn to shreds. If you think about it, learning jokes and riddles as a child helps you understand Shakespeare when you're older,as no one loved to play with language as much as he did!
I remember I had a series of "joke" books for different subjects when I was younger--they were definitely among my favorites!
I was a big fan of Captain Underpants!