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hi everyone!!! if you have troubled skin like me, here's another superrr popular Korean Beauty product for us to try! I;m sharing this review of a beauty blog that I like loads.... ==================================== Credit: What she says: Even though this clay mask is formulated for troubled skin (oily, acne), it didn’t leave me with an even drier skin after washing the mask off! I honestly think that this might also suit people with dry skins With frequent usage, I felt that it helped me with my problem of clogged pores! Lesser clogged pores though you might get a few pimples the next day which will go away pretty quickly! It works as a spot treatment sometimes as well~ I’ve tried dotting a tiny amount of the clay mask on my red, angry pimples as an overnight treatment and the pimples subsided noticeably the next morning SOMETIMES. keke it didn’t work all the time but at least it didn’t worsen the problem. =p Unlike other reviewers, I didn’t feel any difference to my huge pores =/ I guess my huge pores problem is really too serious for the clay mask to help =/ Oh, do remember to use warm water instead of cold water for easier removal! ======================================== i havent used this before, but I think I wanna give it a try!
no i think its around USD 20 per bottle...
is this expensive?
thanks for posting this caffelatte!!! I have tried this product before, but only a tester so it was only 1 time -- too early to tell! When I buy the product i'll put my review here too!