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After showing his romantic side through the KBS drama Big, Gong Yoo is looking to make an entirely new transformation with his next work. Gong Yoo has joined the cast of the upcoming action movie, The Suspect in which he will play Ji Dong Chul, a former soldier who comes from North Korea’s elite forces. Living an ordinary life as a delivery man in South Korea, he finds himself falsely blamed for the murder of a major corporation’s CEO and goes on the run in the blockbuster thriller. Jo Sung Ha plays the Korea′s chief secret agent, who′s charged with hunting down Gong Yoo′s character. On his role, Gong Yoo shared, “I have been training hard for the movie with its North Korean secret assassin martial arts motif. I will show a new masculine side to myself in the movie.” Park Hee Soon and Yoo Da In also star in the movie. Production is set to begin in a few weeks. Photo credit: Soop Entertainment
Love of my life...I love Yoo
will follow up with his new movie^^
i love his acting...
Ok,when I have the right time. I'm not here for three days already and just got back in yesterday evening. I'm very busy,am going to be here awhile only and to work again.
haha no problem. i'm the same XD . tho there hasnt been anyone for me to go crazy about lately. btw, you should share your findings on Vingle. I wanna read about what you find as well. Maybe I'll become crazy fan #2 haha
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