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Gary Yourofsky, Animal Rights Activist, discusses common questions about veganism in this brief interview from Israeli Prime Time TV.
I agree with @agrainofsalt that he is a bit extreme with his metaphors and general rhetoric, but he touches on a few good points.
I actually found that this guy makes vegan's look like extremists. I was not impressed. He was rude, he didn't listen to the reporter, he just tried to shove propaganda down people's throats. Humans are omnivores. Eating animals isn't murder. Mass producing meat in terrible conditions is what's wrong with the system. She made some excellent points, especially talking about his arrogance. Go true non-judgmental vegans!
I am 100% in agreement with Gary! Keep up the good work, thank you for being the voice for these animals.
I am not very involved in the animal rights movement, but some of his points were really inspiring.
She didnt seem prepared at all, even from her opening statement.