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I ADORE baking with my kids! Sure, I become frustrated by them at times, but baking time with them is some of the most fun we have had together! Best of all, it's educational. Kids can learn so much from baking! 1. What's in your food. I think one of the most important lessons kids can learn is what actually goes into the foods they eat. Getting a behind-the-scenes look at those muffins gives them an appreciation for ingredients and what they all add up to. 2. Math. You learn to count. You learn that you can divide a cup into fourths -- or thirds. You learn what it means to halve a recipe. 3. Science. Isn't baking just a science experiment in cause and effect? What happens when you mix all these things together -- and then put them in the oven? Isn't that dramatic change amazing? 4. Reading. What important skill do you need to follow a recipe? Reading, of course! Reading in a real-life context helps kids understand what they're reading better. 5. Following directions. Following every step -- in order -- makes a real difference. Kids learn why this is so important when they follow a baking recipe. 6. Patience. There's something about making something yourself that trumps the instant gratification of just buying a treat. Baking teaches your child that the best things are worth waiting for. 7. It's OK to make a mess. I'll be honest, baking with kids kind of makes me crazy. It's so messy! But that's okay. Life is messy, too, and there are rewards for courageously diving into a mess. 8. Clean up your mess. Ah -- the flip side of messes! It's okay to make them, but always make sure you clean them up. 9. Problem solving. Made a mistake? No need to panic! Just stop a moment and think about how you can solve that problem. Maybe there's a creative way to save those cookies. 10. The joy of giving. When we bake together, we often share what we bake with friends and families. The happiness you give others with your delicious treats makes you happy, too. What do your kids like baking with you?
@mcgraffy Oh yes, messes definitely happen, but that's just part of the fun!
I certainly see the mess part when my kids get into the kitchen....I'd rather they keep the mess outside. if they'd clean up more it'd be ok
@Spudsomma I hope mine are better than me as well! Too soon to tell but that would be marvelous--we can let them cook for us!
@flourmaniac, my daughter is a better cook than I am by far! I think she got her grandmother's baking skills.
@honeysoo No one will complain about that! @Spudsomma That's awful! There is no way I will let my girls move out without knowing all of our usual recipes.
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