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I love this idea! My kids adore getting involved throughout the preparations for their birthday parties, so why not make the preparations the party? This little girl, Maia, wanted a birthday cake party with all of her friends! Maia and her sous chefs, Marlise and Daphne, took over the kitchen. The mom stayed to help with instructions, of course, but the work of making the cake and the icing was done by the kids. They also iced the cake. And taste tested multiple times. And then spread some icing on the cake themselves. The wrote the birthday girl's name on the cake themselves! The name was obscured under generous swirls and circular embellishments, then M&Ms were added to the top. Finally, sprinkles were added an candles, too! I love that the girls were able to do all the steps themselves, and have a great time! And the kids all seemed to think it was just about the best birthday cake ever. I can't wait to try this!
@flymetothemoon Me too, actually! Maybe I should ask for this for next birthday.
Dessert decorating parties are the best! Even as a adult I'd love it if someone threw a party like this for me :)