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Have you guys heard about this? I think it is really redunkulous!! This was the #1 fear for netizens since day one, and it's finally arose. T-ara's controversy has become a societal one, as it's been revealed that a new game called the 'T-ara Game' has been earning popularity among elementary school students, and it's anything but child's play. Full article from the Chosun below Twenty-four year old college student 'A' was recently surprised when checking the smartphone of her nine year old niece. While reading her niece's KakaoTalk messages, she found several correspondances with threats of ostracization and bullying, with comments like, "You're the outcast now so you have to do everything we say", "Hey, are you crazy? Reply right now if you don't want to die", and "You have to carry my bag tomorrow". Shocked, 'A' immediately asked her niece what she was doing. The niece replied back, "We're playing the 'T-ara Game'. *** is the outcast right now." When asked why she was playing such a game, the niece replied simply that it was for fun. 'A' immediately began lecturing the child on how hurt the other person must feel, but the niece only answered, "But if I don't do this, I'm going to be the outcast." The game has taken widespread popularity among elementary school students. Children will pick one of their friends to be the designated outcast who must then be tortured by their friends through various means like hateful messages on KakaoTalk. Anyone that doesn't comply with the game is then chosen as the outcast.