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Through his agency, KeyEast, Kim Hyunjoong has finally broken his silence regarding the alleged assault of his girlfriend.His company, KeyEast, revealed in a statement,Firstly, we would like to apologise for releasing this statement later than expected as there were many details regarding the situation that we had to clarify. More than anything, we would first like to bow our heads in apology to the people who care about Kim Hyunjoong. We have caused you anxiety and concern.After confirming the details with him, it is true that the two people have known each other 2012, but have only been dating for the past couple of months. During this period, they have been involved in serious arguments, and it is true that some of these arguments transpired into physical fights. However, the story about him inflicting repeated assault for the span of 2 months is false.Even though they have been involved in physical fights, the rib fracture the victim suffered was not a result of these fights, but of an earlier incident where they were playing around. She was able to go out with her friends the next day normally, and did not even realise that she had had an injury.KeyEast have also expressed regret that the stories released in articles have been exaggerated. They also added that they believed that the truth would be revealed soon and are assisting whole-heartedly in the ongoing investigations.In other news, Kim Hyunjoong left today for Bangkok for his world tour, “2014 Kim Hyunjoong World Tour - Fantasy in Bangkok”. 
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he did it soo much proof now out thr damn u all know i was crazy abt him but i will nvr support him doing anything insane and discussing stop defending him just bcs he is an idol what he idid is definitely never acceptable he even admitted to it stop saying he did not he did just making up dfrnt words we a lll know what he meant don't let him slag with his crime bcs he accepted it he might do it again he needs to repent accept the consequences if he did he needs to pay for its consequences one thing 4 sure he really has 2 faces omgee ppl like dat r SOOO SCARYYY :o
Come September we will know everything when he went to the police lets listen 1st to him and lets not be the judge although im so discourage on what he did ....thats not a good Leader
@hyunseang he has disappointed us 4 sure dats itttt
Sorry to u all for I was think he may be innocent but. Thanks to him make me recognise that k. celebrity are humans not god so still not hate him or any other one do wrong because it's simple they r humans
sometimes it is better to watch and see, for who is to blame coz we cannot just listen to one side of the story... but my thought is that KHJ is a good heartef guy.