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Asking for 20 minutes of free reading time a day isn't a lot, but too few children actually do it. As a parent, you need to make sure there's time in your child's schedule to just relax with a book or magazine. This can be bedtime reading, bathroom reading, etc., but this infographic shows just how important this small amount of reading time is! Infographic via, who credits the Perry Lecompton Unified School District.
there are so many books to read, I couldn't live without my daily reading session before bed. It's my wind-down / relax time!!
I had 40 minutes of reading with one of my parents every night until I was old enough to read by myself - I still keep my 40 minutes a day
@LibraryLady exactly! If you take a bus or take a 5-minute break at any point during your day, you have zero excuses!
Finally! Even though I know this is focused on getting that 20 minutes a day, but I want to tell my friends even if they just read 5 minutes a day they'd be reading so much more than they do now!
The difference just adding a minute or two a day adds is huge~
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