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5 Reasons Angel Numbers are Real

It's no surprise that people have been seeing angel numbers for centuries. After all, we are constantly bombarded with numerical information in our everyday lives. Even the most skeptical among us can't help but wonder if there's something more to these ubiquitous numbers than meets the eye.

So what exactly are angel numbers? Angel numbers are sequences of numbers that carry special meaning, often related to guidance or an important life event. Many people believe that angel numbers are a form of communication from the angelic realm and that they can provide us with insight and guidance when we need it most.

While there is no scientific proof that angel numbers are real, there are many compelling reasons to believe that they are. Here are 5 of the most convincing:

1. Angel numbers are often associated with specific messages or meanings.

If you keep seeing the same number sequence over and over again, it's likely that it carries a specific message for you. For example, the number 11:11 is often associated with synchronicity and the universe's perfect timing.

2. Angel numbers often appear during significant life events.

It's not uncommon for people to see angel numbers around the time of a major life event, such as the birth of a child or the death of a loved one. This could be because the angels are trying to guide us through these transitional times.

3. Angel numbers can be personalized.

While some angel numbers carry universal messages, others may be more personalized. For example, you might see angel number 111 when you're thinking about starting a family, as this number sequence is associated with fertility and new beginnings.

4. Angel numbers often appear in unexpected places.

One of the things that makes angel numbers so intriguing is that they often crop up in unexpected places. For example, you might see your guardian angel number on a license plate or a billboard. This could be a sign that the angels are trying to get your attention!

5. Angel numbers can give you a sense of peace and comfort.

Seeing angel numbers can be a sign that the angels are watching over you and that they are here to help. This can provide you with a great sense of peace and comfort, especially during difficult times.

Do you believe in angel numbers? Have you ever experienced synchronicity or seen a personalized message in a number sequence? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!
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Taurus And Capricorn Compatibility If you had the chance, how would you rate or evaluate the love compatibility of two zodiac signs? Perhaps you'll assign a score based on the Taurus and Capricorn compatibility , or you'll consider a compatible relationship to be one that has a lot of fun together? Right? However, neither of these situations may be found when looking at Taurus and Capricorn compatibility. You should know, though, that the pair is rock solid! The Taurus-Capricorn connection is designed to last a lifetime. This excellent pairing has the potential to provide a lovely legacy that will stand the test of time. Are you interested in learning more about Taurus and Capricorn compatibility and how they combine to form an irrefutable and indelible bond? Okay. So let's start with the fundamental differences between Taurus and Capricorn. Then make a note of the differences and similarities between them. This will prove to be a starting point. Taurus And Capricorn Compatibility In Love Because they are both earth signs, they are drawn to a peaceful and steady life. Will their similarities work in their advantage when they locate each other, or will they produce no excitement between them? So, in order to keep you informed, here are some tips to help Taurus and Capricorn preserve their relationship: ·  Taurus and Capricorn love compatibility gets an extra point because they share many traits, such as being practical, strong-willed, driven, and unwavering. ·  They form an unwavering dynamic duo that operates on the foundations of consistency and practicality. ·  They admire and respect one other's commitment and perseverance. Because of these similarities, the couple has a conservative outlook on life, which means their relationship can quickly get boring. ·  The most appealing part of Taurus and Capricorn compatibility is their shared ideals and commitment to the same goals. ·  Life is for them a gigantic goal sheet that needs to be filled in. What is the problem in their entire operation? They may forget to be present in the moment, which is where true romance blossoms. ·  Risk and change must be viewed as an opportunity rather than a danger by this earth sign's partnership. Compromise is another skill that needs to be honed in this situation.
5 Reasons Why You Need To Plan a Healing Retreat in Hawaii ASAP
Getting caught up in the shackles of everyday life calls for a getaway. Planning for a spiritual healing retreat without considering Hawaii as a destination is nearly impossible. In this article, we’ll be discussing why a healing retreat in Hawaii makes the entire experience of spiritual healing manifolds better. Phenomenal Scenery Imagine practicing yoga while the dolphins leap in huge waves. Wouldn’t that be a truly remarkable sight? This is just one aspect of the unmatchable beauty of Hawaii that we’ve mentioned. This tourist attraction is chock-full of many beautiful views similar to this one that’ll breathe new life into your soul. Breathtaking Waterfalls The best thing about Hawaii is that you can come across majestic waterfalls without even searching for one. Waterfalls are the best spot for a healing retreat in Hawaii because you can practice mindfulness breathing exercises to the rhythm of these majestic wonders. Adventurous Day Excursions Spiritual meditation in Hawaii is incomplete without some action and adventure. Therefore, day excursions are an essential part of spiritual retreats in Hawaii as they play an important part in relieving negative emotions and cleansing the soul. Maui Journeys, for instance, provides a number of healing services in Maui, Hawaii, including the exploration of southern shore beaches as well as Maui’s famous Hana coast. In addition, the miscellaneous activities include paddle boarding, windsurfing, kayaking, parasailing, and even whale excursions. Making the entire spiritual healing retreat a trip to remember. Blissful Beaches Another compelling reason to go for a healing retreat in Hawaii is the variety of beaches on the island. We’re talking about all types of beaches, white sand, black sand, red sand, green sand, and whatnot. Once you step on these beautiful beaches, you’d surely be mesmerized by their elegance. Picturesque Nature This goes without saying, but Hawaii is probably one of the most intriguing places on this planet. From the lush mountains of Kauai to active volcanoes such as the Mauna Loa, along with native thick forests. Hawaii is probably one of the most prominent places when it comes to spiritual healing retreats. Conclusion There’s no doubt that Hawaii tops the list when dealing with the subject of the most beautiful places on Earth. To put it briefly, we’ve barely scratched the surface of why you should plan a healing retreat in Hawaii. However, there are many more reasons why one should opt for healing services in Maui, Hawaii.
when your your ancestors are seen in dreams during shradh.
Pitru Paksha begins on the full moon of Bhadrapada and lasts until the new moon of Ashwin month, according to the Hindu calendar. It is thought on these days, our forefathers and mothers travel to Earth from Pitru Lok to view their offspring and rejoice in their joy. At the same time, if one forgets about his ancestors and does not execute religious ceremonies such as Shradh in their honour, the ancestors become enraged. According to experts, there is an old tradition of doing charity in the memory of ancestors during Pitru Paksha.These days have special significance in Hinduism. As a result, Pitru Paksha began this year, i.e. in 2021, with the full moon Shradh on Monday, September 20. On Wednesday, October 6th, the event will come to a close. For the next 16 days, however, auspicious work will be restricted. During the Pitru Paksha, our forefathers and mothers return to the earth in some form or another, according to the scriptures. Simultaneously, we do Shradh on their Tithi on a regular basis to provide them with energy. Shradh rituals, on the other hand, are conducted during the Pitru Paksha to bring redemption to the ancestors. Our ancestors are said to take energy in the form of blog and return to their realm through Shradh. However, there are situations when the Our forefathers and mothers are dissatisfied with us, and they send us messages through nightmares. Ancestors appearing in your dream: It is thought that if you see some of your deceased relatives, i.e. ancestors, in your dream and they are standing in a peaceful posture, they are indicating that you will soon have someone. The good news is on the way. for more info - learn shradh rituals in just 10minutes.
akshaya tritya 2022
Akshaya Tritiya 2022 Date And Time On Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya, Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, is observed (the third Hindu date of the bright half of the Hindu month Vaishakh). It is a big celebration for Sanatana Dharma devotees. Akshaya Tritiya Pooaja Muhurat 2022 Akshaya Tritiya on May 3rd, 2022 (Tuesday) Akshaya Tritiya 2022 Puja Muhurat - 05:45 AM. to 12:19 PM Muhurat Duration - 06 Hours 34 Mins Tritiya Tithi Begins at 11:51 AM on May 3rd, 2022 (Tuesday) Tritiya Tithi Ends at 01:22 PM on May 4th, 2022 (Wednesday) Importance Of Akshaya Tritiya ·      Akshaya Tritiya is one of the three and a half auspicious days of the year that are known as Sadhe Teen Shubh Muhurat. Many auspicious things can be done on this day. ·      On this day, bathing in the Ganga has a special meaning. On this day, everyone who does Ganga Snana is purified of all negative energies. ·      On this day, one can also do Pitru Shradh. In the name of ancestors, barley, wheat, grammes, Sattu, curd-rice, and milk products must be provided, and then a Pandit (Hindu priest) must be fed. ·      If you perform Shraddh of your ancestors at a religious location on this day, it is considered very auspicious. ·      Some individuals also believe that buying gold on this day is good. ·      Parashuram and Hayagreeva had merely incarnated on this day. ·      Treta Yuga had started on the same day as well. ·  On this day, the Shri Badrinath Temple opens its doors. Purchase Of Gold On Akshaya Tritiya Since Vedic times, gold has been the most valuable metal. It is a symbol of wealth, power, and prosperity. Wealth, including gold and diamonds, can be accumulated with Goddess Lakshmi's blessings in Hinduism. Lord Vishnu's consort is Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Vishnu's heart is inhabited by Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Vishnu blesses the day of Akshaya Tritiya. The Lakshminarayana form of Lord Vishnu is worshipped with great devotion on Akshaya Tritiya. Lord Vishnu is worshipped alongside Goddess Lakshmi in the Lakshminarayana form. As a result, Akshaya Tritiya is associated with Goddess Lakshmi. The most important ceremony conducted on Akshaya Tritiya is the purchase of gold. On the day of Akshaya Tritiya, gold demand skyrockets. It is stated that gold purchased on Akshaya Tritiya brings the family everlasting prosperity and lasts for generations. As a result, many will wait a whole year for a few days to buy gold and other precious metals. The two most important days in the Hindu calendar for purchasing gold are Akshaya Tritiya and Dhantrayodashi. In addition to these two days, Pushya Nakshatra days are also considered auspicious for gold purchases. Traditional female jewellery is in high demand at Akshaya Tritiya, despite the fact that unique gold coins are cast for these particular occasions. Females who are regarded the Griha Lakshmi of their home conduct the most buying during Akshaya Tritiya.
The Beginner's Guide to Sandalwood Incense for Mental Well-being
History of Incense In some cultures, incense is considered sacred and used to bring peace to oneself; in other cultures, incense is considered nothing more than a gift; this difference is attributed to the origin of incense. Frankincense originated in Japan and was originally used in the Sengoku period when the neighboring states fought each other. Upper-class nobles and samurais began to burn pots of mixed plants, oils and spices, the raw materials of incense, in order to prepare themselves. For the nobles, this preparation was in the form of cleansing their minds and soothing their spirits, for the samurai, it was in the form of purifying their souls and infusing their weapons with scent to protect their aura in battle. Today, incense sticks continue to be used in religion and spirituality, but are now also widely used in health and relaxation. Native Americans use incense to protect themselves from certain diseases, incense is used in the Philippines to treat typhoid fever, and people all over the world use incense to relieve stress-related symptoms such as headaches and high blood pressure. In short, the use of incense has never been as popular as it is today. Forms of Incense There are three main forms of incense: 1. Sticks - The aroma diffuses slowly throughout the day so that its subtle scent permeates a room. 2. Spirals - The aroma spreads at an even pace and is often used when hosting friends and family for several hours. 3. Cones - The aroma spreads quickly and is often used in large rooms or in short, intense sessions, e.g. as an aid in yoga or meditation. Frankincense comes not only in different forms but also in many different aromas. A common misconception among newcomers is that there is a single ‘best’ aroma. In truth, there are countless aromas, and each triggers a different physical and emotional response. Because of this, aromas are highly subjective, not only to the situation in which they are used, but also to the individual user, to the states they wish to invoke, and to their personal preferences. In short, the best aroma is the one that works best for you. Despite this subjectiveness, sandalwood has long been a popular option for both beginners and the highly experienced for several well-deserved reasons. Sandalwood Sandalwood is arguably one of the most popular incense aromas, not only because of its sweet aroma smell but also because of its healing properties. In aromatherapy, the use of natural aromatic materials and plant extracts to improve physical and mental well-being, sandalwood has long been a staple material. This is because the plant behind the aroma has various medical benefits, such as having antiseptic properties and potentially the ability to seek out and destroy cancerous cells, as this 2014 study by the University of Arizona Cancer Research Center shows. Benefits of Sandalwood Incense Sandalwood incense transmits warmth to its surrounding environment and creates a state of calm through its relaxing aroma. This is one of the few reasons the incense is popular with guests, friends and family - its relaxing effect facilitates smoother conversations and better moods between people. If you’re an individual who believes in having an energetic atmosphere while entertaining others, sandalwood would be well suited for you. In addition to mood-boosting benefits, the aroma can also improve our mental abilities, for example, when studying or preparing for a hard day at work, and improve our mental well-being in times of high stress. Sandalwood is also widely used in bedrooms by people struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Although it can improve your sleep quality, incense should only be burned before bed and not during sleep for obvious safety reasons. What is it normally used for? Sandalwood is used as the basis for many other fragrances because of its sweet but neutral smell. Due to its neutrality and the long duration it lasts, it is often used to provide a sublet touch to other fragrances and aromas. For this reason, it’s recommended that sandalwood incense is placed in the center of your home so it can spread properly and give the subtle scent for which it is well-known for. Final Thoughts As already mentioned, sandalwood frankincense brings an aroma to your home that puts you in a state of calm and tranquility, and while not a cure for extreme stress or anxiety, it can go a long way to easing some of their symptoms. As we reach the end of what has been a hectic year, incense not only provides the perfect opportunity to help you unwind but can also make for a great Christmas gift that many will love. Whether it’s your friends, a loved one, or a colleague, incense can be enjoyed by all.
I benefici dell'albero della vita
Avendo attraversato molte civiltà, l'Albero della Vita ha assunto, nel corso della sua storia, molti significati a diversi livelli, sia filosofici che religiosi o spirituali ed esoterici. Questo potente simbolo, che si trova nel cuore della tradizione ebraica, musulmana e cristiana, esprime essenzialmente il ciclo della vita, ma non solo. Questo simbolo universale rappresenta anche la natura, perfetta ed equilibrata con le sue tre diverse parti: le radici per l'energia della terra, i rami per la luce e il tronco per la forza. L'Albero della Vita diventa allora il simbolo e l'esempio da seguire per una vita serena e realizzata... I diversi oggetti che usiamo nella nostra vita quotidiana per una vita più spirituale e stabile sono molto importanti. L'Arbre De Vie, indossato come gioiello, è senza dubbio uno di questi oggetti di benessere con molti benefici! Indossare un gioiello dell'albero della vita offre molti benefici Nella tradizione esoterica, indossare un gioiello Tree Of Life è una fonte di energia positiva, per portare amore, fortuna quando simboleggia anche la vita eterna. Infine, all'Albero della Vita, indossato in gioielli (collane o braccialetti di perle, ciondoli), si riconosce anche la capacità di facilitare l'ancoraggio di una persona, portandole pace e armonia. Per andare oltre e approfittare dei benefici della litoterapia, scegli una collana Albero della Vita dei 7 Chakra. Oltre al suo aspetto estetico unico, le pietre agiscono su ciascuno dei vostri chakra per riequilibrarli, un'azione dolce e continua per un gioiello di benessere!
Hoodoo Rootwork
What is hoodoo rootwork? Also called "hoodoo" or "conjure work", rootwork is the spiritual work that began with the ancestors of Africa. During the transatlantic slave trade, Africans were transported on ships bound for the United States, separated from their homeland, and forced to reconcile their traditions with others. ROOTWORK: The Power of Folk Magic 17 Hoodoo began to blend in with Native American culture and magic. White Americans tried to convert Africans and African Americans to Christianity. His descendants, who followed Hoodoo, hid their traditions in secret, harmonizing Hoodoo with certain aspects of Christianity, without finding ways to hide their culture. In essence, hoodoo is a folk spell, driven by the blood and tears of African ancestors. In the tradition of rootwork, condensed oil is also known as "wiping oil", "conditioned oil" and "hoodoo oil". The oil consists of a blend of different ingredients, including flowers, herbs, high quality essential oils, roots, minerals, and carrier oils to form a powerful, purposeful infused formula. Amulets, charms, amulets, and personal matters are sometimes included for the purpose of oil. What do root workers believe? The bone / rootwork emphasizes the power of natural curiosity and the practitioner praying to the gods. It allows the hood to exist outside of a particular spiritual or religious belief system. While the root workers will pray to the Psalms and the Lord during their magic work, they see it as a way to help God in their work. Work can still be done whether the person prays this particular psalm or not. Rootwork is firmly rooted in a very practical approach to magic. Getting results is the most important thing, and most types of mantras are based on very common everyday needs such as: withdrawing money, making love, protecting or dealing with hurtful people. There is scope for both blessing and cursing in Hudoo, for healing and curing disease, and for receiving blessings as well as sending curses. Although it is common in other magical systems to hear such phrases as karma and "no harm", there are no such moral laws within the hoodo. The God of the Old Testament is a God of protection and there is nothing wrong with calling on Him. Justice for hurting your enemies. It is my personal belief that this leads to the growing popularity of other traditions of rootwork with modern magicians. Some magicians choose not to engage in the work of any harmful enemy. These route workers usually call themselves "Lady Hearted". It is important to note that this is not an insulting term. It's just a way to tell them clearly where they draw their personal moral lines. A Beginner guide to rootwork oils Oil plays a key role in rituals. In early religious and spiritual traditions, the oil was used for baptism, anointing the body, healing diseases, beginning in tradition or religion, and during marriage and other rituals. In the tradition of rootwork, we continue to use oil for these purposes today. They also help give us more power to achieve our goals. Every essential oil has a unique fragrance that stimulates all the emotions we are feeling and our desires. For example, if you want to express peace in your life, consider using chamomile or lavender oil to create a sense of peace in your life. Conjuring oil requires time and commitment. Plan and choose your ingredients wisely. Consider the shelf life of oil, and remember your intentions and how you will use the oil. As mentioned earlier, pray for your ingredients and ingredients, and bless your purpose before and after preparing your conjugated oil. Once you have finished making the oil, keep them in a cool, dark place for at least 3 weeks. Or, you can put them on a window with a lot of sunlight so that the herbs can soak in the oil for at least 3 weeks. The oil lasts for several months until water enters the oil. When it comes in contact with water, it becomes unclean and becomes moldy.
Hora chart predictions, analysis according to astrology.
How To Read Hora Chart Hora is derived from Ahoratra, where "Aho" signifies day and "Ratra" signifies night. Hora is a Spanish word that also denotes time. The duration between sunrise and the next sunrise, according to vedic astrology, is called (a)hora(tra). Hora is regarded as a important aspect of astrology. When no auspicious Muhurat is available for a specific task, vedic astrology is used to guide the administration of Hora Chakra. Method To Read ·  The presence of male planets in the sign of LEO is a positive indicator. (JUPITER, MARS, and SUN) ·  The presence of female planets in the sign of CANCER is a positive sign. (Venus and the Moon) ·  It's a good sign if five or more planets are in the CANCER sign. ·  A negative is when five or more planets are in the sign of LEO. ·  It's a good if the Lord of your D1/Lagna Chart is deposited in the 2nd or 1st house of your HORA chart. ·  The Lord of your D1/Lagna Chart in the 12th house of your HORA chart is a negative. ·  The Lord of the 2nd house of your HORA chart is a negative if he is placed in the 1st, 5th, 8th, and 12th houses of your HORA chart. ·  It's a good if the Lord of the 2nd House of your HORA chart is deposited in the 2nd and 11th houses of your HORA chart. ·  The placement of many or all planets in the 12th house of your HORA chart is a negative. ·  It is a plus if many or all planets are deposited in the 2nd or 1st house of your HORA chart. Conclusion: Apply the aforementioned conditions and keep track of how many Positives and Negatives you get. The metrics listed below can be used to make certain inferences. Positives abound: excellent wealth-accumulation prospects A High Number of Negatives: Poor Possibilities for Wealth Accumulation Average Wealth Accumulation Prospects have an equal number of positives and negatives. How Can Mahurat Of Hora Be Calculated Every day of the week, namely Sun-Sunday, Moon-Monday, Mars-Tuesday, Mercury-Wednesday, Jupiter-Thursday, Venus-Friday, and Saturn-Saturday, has its own planetary Lord. Because each Hora is dedicated to a different planet, there are a total of seven Horas. Sun Hora, Venus Hora, Jupiter Hora, Moon Hora, Mercury Hora, Mars Hora, and Saturn Hora are the signs of the zodiac, respectively. Hora is a time measurement unit. A day is divided into 24 Horas, each of which lasts approximately one hour. This, however, can be adjusted because it is based on the whole period from one Sunrise to the next. From dawn to sunrise, there is both day and night. There are two key aspects to this time period. Day Horai or Daytime (Din Maan) runs from sunrise to sunset, and Night Horai or Night Time (Ratri Maan) runs from sunset to sunrise the next day. Because the time of sunrise and sunset is continually changing, the duration of Din Maan and Ratri Maan is also changing. There are 12 Horas in a day and 12 Horas in a night. In this way, the duration of Day and Night is divided into 12 equal halves, each of which is divided into 12 horas. The Day Lord is the first hr of a given day, the Day Lord is the second hora of the day, and so on. After that, the cycle would repeat itself till sunrise the next day. For example, if today is Sunday, the first hora will be of the Sun, the second hora will be of the 6th day lord, Venus, the third Mercury, the fourth Moon, the fifth Saturn, the sixth Jupiter, the seventh will be of Mars, and so on. After the next day's sunrise, the first hour would begin in the same way. for update or more info- today's hora
If you want to be healthy and wealthy at the same time, you must have a spiritual coach in your life :
Do I need a spiritual coach? Presently this is an inquiry I hear, similar to A LOT as a spiritual coach myself. All the yeses, at the moment, that I hear the words shaping. I profoundly believe that the vast majority would profit by having a spiritual coach in their lives at some point. Before you can decide whether having spiritual coaching is the correct advance for you, first, how about we cover what precisely a spiritual coach is. What makes these coaches extraordinary, like holistic mentors, business coaches, relationship coaches, and possibly sports group coaches? What is a spiritual coach? A spiritual coach is somebody who encourages you to interface with who you are. They work with you to change/divert/explore your life, reveal your longings, make strides towards your objectives, accomplish your fantasies, bust restricting convictions, and eliminate detours. A spiritual coach utilizes a more profound, more comprehensive methodology. They work with you on the working framework underneath your awareness. I'm sure you've seen the human mind depicted as the ice shelf skimming in the water, a little part of us appearing to the world, and an extraordinary large segment of us under the water covering up underneath the surface. A spiritual coach encourages you to dive deep into the piece of your ice shelf that is beneath the waterline. When you can comprehend, work with, change, and use this bit of your working framework, you can transform yourself. A spiritual coach will work with main drivers as opposed to treating side effects. Would you like to make it deliberately? Would you like to possess your capacity? Do you want development, progress, bounty, love, and profound fulfillment from your life? The product cultivated with a spiritual coach incorporates association with the heavenly, working with the universe, assuming responsibility for your joy, venturing into your capacity, moving your psyche, and a whole lot more. What can a spiritual coach help you with? Your default settings and subliminal contemplations Like your telephone, we as a whole have default settings. On the off chance that you change how something shows up in one piece of your telephone yet don't change the general location, it won't persist or roll out a foundational improvement. If you change one activity and one idea, however, you don't work with the fundamental boundaries or subliminal programming for why you have the barrier or issue; in any case, you are treating a manifestation rather than disposing of the main driver. The more significant part of our programming is actualized between the ages of 0-7. We are uninformed of this programming cycle, exactly how much data our psyche mind tracks, documents, and uses consistently. Conclusion- How we see things change definitely, second by second. Working with a a spiritual coach will help you surveying and re-program your molding, so you are utilizing your oblivious speculation for your potential benefit. It will likewise help you stay away from your conscious brain saying/craving a specific something and working in complete resistance to your psyche mind. On the off prospect that you want to realize how your psyche functions and move your programming to your advantage, a spiritual coach is appropriate.
12 Jyotirlingas Temples of Lord Shiva in india
Spread across the country, Jyotirlingas are visited by devotees and travelers from different parts of the world. From planning to organizing your trip, this 12 Jyotirlinga list can be super helpful. Below is a list of 12 Jyotirlinga images with name and place:  Somnath – Gir Somnath In Gujarat Nageshwar – Daarukavanam In Gujarat Bhimashankar – Pune In Maharashtra Trimbakeshwar – Nashik In Maharashtra Grishneshwar – Aurangabad In Maharashtra Vaidyanath – Deoghar In Jharkhand Mahakaleshwar – Ujjain In Madhya Pradesh Omkareshwar – Khandwa In Madhya Pradesh Kashi Vishwanath – Varanasi In Uttar Pradesh Kedarnath – Kedarnath In Uttarakhand Rameshwaram – Rameswaram Island In Tamil Nadu Mallikarjuna – Srisailam In Andhra Pradesh Jyotirlingas In West India Out of the long 12 Jyotirlingas list, find out where to head for your spiritual awakening in places like Maharashtra and Gujarat. 1. Somnath – Gir Somnath In Gujarat This is one of the most famous Jyotirlingas in India. Somnath is regarded as the first among the twelve aadi jyotirlingas and one of the most worshipped pilgrimage sites in the country. The temple architecture resembles Chalukya style and Lord Shiva is believed to have appeared in this shrine, as a sizzling column of light. Shiv Purana tales reveal that Moon married 27 daughters of Dakshin Prajapati. But Moon was cursed by Prajapati for neglecting all his wives except one; Rohini. In order to get rid of the curse and regain his lost lustre and beauty, he worshipped Lord Shiva. The almighty granted his wish and resided here as Somnath eternally. Located in Kathiawad region, Somnath jyotirlinga temple was destroyed and rebuilt almost sixteen times. There is no doubt in the fact that this temple comes on the top in the 12 Jyotirlingas’ list.  Temple opening hours: Every day from 6 AM to 9 PM. Aarti takes place at 7 AM, 12 noon and 7 PM. The famous light and sound show; ‘Joy Somnath’ takes place every day between 8 to 9 in the evening. How to reach: The nearest railway station to Somnath is Veraval Railway station. It is well-connected with the major cities of India and is just 5 Km away from Somnath. This distance can be covered in a taxi or cab.  2. Nageshwar - Daarukavanam In Gujarat  Nageshwar temple Nageshwar is a prominent Jyotirlinga tempe in India, located on the shore of Saurashtra in Gujarat, between Gomati Dwarka and Bait Dwarka. Thousands of worshippers flock to the Nagnath temple year-round to seek blessings from the sacred shrine of Nageshwar Mahadev, which is housed in a subterranean chamber. The visitors are enthralled by the 25-meter towering monument of Lord Shiva, the huge garden, and the unimpeded views of the azure Arabian Sea. This is one of India's most potent Jyotirlingas, representing protection against all forms of poisons. The temple is open from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day of the week. Darshan is available between the hours of 6 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. for more info - nageshwar jyotrilinga (<<click here)
Every Hindu Must adapt NTV Chairman Sri Narendra Choudary’s dedication towards Hinduism
“In Bhakthi Dharmika sammelanam NTV chairman Narendra Choudary said “The Main Motive of our Bhakthi Tv is to take forward Hinduism vigorously” While addressing Dharmika Sammelanam Bhakthi Tv chairman Tummala Narendra Choudary said. “This program is not just a matter of starting one day and leaving it hereafter. It is better to engage in a one-hour discussion about our Hindu Dharma every Sunday, and we have to form a committee comprising of four expertise members with the sole motive of, how we can take forward Hinduism among people more vigorously, and we will also ensure that the whole discussion will be aired without fail. Besides that Our Rachana Television is the only Network that has never promoted any other religions, other than Hinduism & Rachana Television, never provided any slots for Christianity ever since our Bhakthi Tv was established and we will not do it for sure even in the future also.” “ We have established Bhakthi TV only from the humanitarian perspective without expecting any profits. Bhakti TV stands as a platform for this effort & in the same way, I hope you all be a part of this effort & Mission of Bhakthi TV is to bring together all the abbots, Spiritual Teachers, and all Religious heads with different goals on a single platform. However different the Perspectives, Traditions, customs, mentalities may be, Our Bhakthi TV will not consider any of those and we will only adhere to the only concept of taking forward our Hindu Dharma and we will always support people who ever take forward Hindu Dharma, on behalf of our Bhakthi Tv”, concludes Narendra Choudary Tummala, The chairman for the group of NTV, Vanitha and Bhakthi Channels. Source Link: