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MD: Young Master… KT: How did I get here? MD: You knew that RaRa knows you’re Gaksital? Shunji: What friend? With a Joseon person!!?(not sure on this). -in police station- How should I catch you? Kang To ya, you didn’t know? Gaksital… Why? You don’t like it? Dong Jin: Please accept my bow Yang Baek: (Didn’t understand) KT: I have a good idea Koiso: Superintendent…Gaksital has just appeared in Kyeong Seong(burning something?) KT: (Didn’t understand) Abe: (Talks about Gaksital burning something) Source: Gaksital’s facebook ========================================= Loving Bridal Mask, but still reallyyyy missing the recaps from leegloria :( now i just watch bits and pieces when i have time! Is anyone still following?
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i'm still following this drama.. and i love it still.,^^
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I love this drama
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