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Or something! I'm talking about the sensory pleasure of interactive books. We all remember Pat the Bunny. Did you know it's still a perennial baby shower gift? Our copy of The Little Fur Family, with its faux fur jacket, is in my box of things to grab in case of a house fire (hey, I live in Southern California. Evacuations happen.) Robert Sabuda makes stunning pop-up books that make even adults wide-eyed in amazement. While I wouldn't hand one to a three year old, sharing it with your child while she sits on your lap will let her see how special the books are. Eric Carle has a few books with sound that even in this high tech age had my first graders clamoring for a chance to push the button. In Dream Snow, the sound for the falling snow sounds like tinkling bells. Only the quietest child was called up to push the button at first. The hush that fell over the room each time we pushed the button reminded me of snow fall. The book was checked out for the rest of the year! The next time you're at a book store or library, check out the interactive books. Because they don't hold up well to lots of use, the library's collection may be small, but these books make great gifts, so pick one up at the bookstore for an upcoming birthday. You may find yourself enjoying them as much as your child!
Its great to hear that even kids (who are already wayyyy better at tech stuff than me) still appreciate the simple act of engaging with a book. right on.
ooh yeah I remember having books like this when I was little, they were so cool!