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I've been following Robyn Openshaw's Green Smoothie Girl blog for years. This recipe for her basic green smoothie is highly adaptable. It is delicious, filling, and will give you a big boost of nutrients and fiber to start your day energized. Robyn’s Green Smoothie Template Recipe Makes 8 cups of 100% raw smoothie. Put 2 1/2 cups filtered water in the BlendTec Total Blender. Optionally, add: ½ tsp. stevia (herbal sweetener) or ¼ cup raw, organic agave nectar (low glycemic index) ¼ whole lemon, including peel (anti-skin cancer, high in flavanoids) 2-3 Tbsp. fresh, refrigerated flax oil (omega-3 rich oil) Gradually add greens until, briefly pureed, the mixture comes up the 5-cup line (or less if you are “converting”): ¾ to 1 lb. raw, washed greens, added up to 5 ½ cup line: spinach, chard, kale, collards Puree greens mixture for 90 seconds until very smooth. Gradually add fruit until the container is very full, blend 90 seconds or until smooth: 1-2 bananas 1-2 cups frozen mixed berries any other fruit to taste: pears, peaches, apples, oranges, apricots, cantaloupe, mango, pineapple Make a full blender and you’ll have some to drink, and some to share. Recipe source:
I'm always looking for a tasty green smoothy recipe and this sounds perfect!
I love green smoothies, but I've never added a whole lemon! I really like the sound of that :)
Saving this for reference!
Can't go wrong with a spinach smoothie! Nice recipe Robyn and @cookingmama haha