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Ep 1 Recap: 
 Ep 2 Recap: Ep 3 Recap: START GC said, "It is really weird that the King trust me for this mission. Bring CY to me. We should try to make CY to move to our side." Meanwhile, CY is somehow now inside his imagination. I think it's his dad, saying, "not yet." When he is awake. He was crying. The guard told CY to protect the king, while the princess is save with the palace maids. After that the guard who know that he is hurting told him to take care of himself. In other room, ES is changing her clothes now. She said to JB," So if this is not a dream, you are saying that I travel through time??" She went out with the sleeping outfit, and JB said, "thats and underwear. You should not show yourself with only that clothes." JB then explain to ES that Hwata has been their famous legend for medical doctors. ES explained to JB about Hipocrates for the ancestor of philosophy. Suddenly she was called by the guards. So the king called her. When she was in the palace, she was looking at some pottery, and said to herself," I should take this home. This would not be really expensive this time, but it will be really expensive in the future!" The King came and greet her. Meanwhile, CY is now together with the Princess. CY asked the princess, "how did you learn Goryeo language?" The princess said, "8 years ago, I met a person from Goryeo. I learnt from that person. If GC become a King, will you become his warrior? You don't want to be his warrior, so is that the reason you tried to die?" And then princess touched his forehead, and said, "don't die. this is an order." Ohhh the princess knows about his loyalty, thats why she said that!! Meanwhile ES now is having a chat with the King. The King asked her to become a Nation's Doctor. She was surprised, and said about the history. She said, "i don't know about history, but I memorized all the king's name. You know, you are a very famous person!!!" CY asked about the memo that he got from the King. JB said, "this blood on the letter seems not to be a human's blood. I still need to investigate further about this." WHen he went out, the rumor about a doctor from the heaven came and saved a lot of people's life were already spreading, and CY is not happy about that. He went to see ES and said, "you have to go away." ES said, "why do I have to go?" I feel comfortable here." He tried to approach her, but JB backed her up. JB said, "she is now our nation's doctor. it's king's order." he wanted to say something, but everything got really blurry..and he just passed out!! (I am sure it's because the infection). The gossip that a doctor came down from the heaven already spread and heard by GC. SI also heard about that. GC said, "is that true? a person came down from the sky?" SI said, "we managed to cut princess' neck, but that doctor saved her." GC said, "did you see her in person?" SI said, "If i see her in person, then I should have brought her here, right? What do you want? Do you want me to bring her here?" GC said, "I think I have to meet the king now." Meanwhile in the palace, CY is finally awake. And he is feeling better. ES said, "your name is Choi Young right? You have to stay alive. You will be a general and you will be a famous person in the future!" CY said, "do you know everything about that in heaven?" ES said, "I don't think I came from the sky. I came from the future. You just need to stay alive to become the history!" When they were talking, SI came!!! She came and throw her inner power to them!! CY tried to chase her, while JB tried to save ES. ES is so hillarious!! she said, "ohhh it's X men! she has a super natural power!!" CY is now outside, fighting with SI, but SI avoid him and said, "see you again." and left the place. In the evening, CY met the King. King asked, "i heard about the attack today. did doctor got hurt?" King said, "You save our doctor. Thanks to you." CY returned the letter to the king, and explained about the letter. He said, "this letter is made by someone. and the blood is not a human blood. It's chicken blood. the person who did this only try to make this up." King said, "so some did this intentionally to be shown to me. So it means that the criminal will find him soon." CY explained to the king about his past, where he was a member of a "Red Moon" warriors who tried to protect Goryeo nation. They were in a mission given from their leader, and they fought so hard, but the end, all of them just dead. CY used to have a "best friend", which is a girl. They were joking around together because they are happy being invited by the king that time. and the General (ohhhh it's Choi Minsu came out as cameo!!!) said," we are going to meet the king, so watch out your mouth and attitude." They were greeted by some sexy dancers hehehe before they meet the king. However, in that party, all officials are playing around with gisaaengs, and even the king was really drunk and kissing a gisaeng. They bow to the king, and the king said, "So, who are you guys?" They said, "We are from Red Moon." The king was very drunk and said while laughing, "oh,i remember you guys! So you are the general? (looking at Choi Minsu)" He suddenly took the sword from the General, and started to use the sword and pointed to everyone!! That drunken king is scary!! The king then realize the existence of a girl warrior, and he got even creepier!!! He said to that warrior girl while pointing the sword, "take off your clothes. I want to see everything. it's an order." SO that girl, just crieddddd, while taking off her clothes!!! This is sooo frustrating!!! She stopped taking off her clothes, and the king said, "What the hell, I told you to take off, ALL! what are you doing??" The General tried to protect that warrior. So the King said, "so you choose to protect her rather than following my orders? are you telling me that you choose to protect the people rather than me?? I am the king!! i am protecting the people! So it means it's you guys who protect the people?? not mee???" He got really emotional and tried to stab the girl warrior, but the General protect her and got stabbed instead of her. While dying, general said, "maybe this time I protect my people, but in the future, you should protect the king. Please promise me!" (I'm sorry but this is disgusting! he shed blood tears TT) Even before he died, he kneel down in front of the king and said, "I ask for your apologize, your majesty. i'm sorry that I can't follow your order." And everyone followed him kneeling down, and that mad king was just laughing like a mad man! What kind of king that was!! Because of this past circumstances, that's why CY didn't want to stay with the king longer, and he want to leave the palace. The King ask him, "if you go out from the palace, what will you do?" CY said, "first, i will take back the doctor to where she belong, coz I promised her." King asked again, "so after that, what will you do?" CY answered, "that's a problem. I have no idea." King was upset and said, "You still don't know why you need to stay alive." OH BTW i forgot to tell you guys, that the crazy drunken king was actually the curent King's brother! He passed out again because of the infection, and JB and ES took care of him. in his dream, he met his dad again. He asked, his dad, "can't i just stay here, dad?" but the dad didn't say anything. The next day, the senior palace made (Choi) came to ES's room and asked her to change her clothes. ES refused, but Choi said its an order from the king. Meanwhile in the palace, the King said to the Queen, "I will act strong to any nation matter. If I act strong, I can become a stronger king, and if I act weak, I will become really shameful as a king. Would you prefer me being strong? or being weak?" The queen said, "i prefer both." And they enter the room. He went to have a meeting with the official and said, "we have a nation's doctor, sent from the heaven." Suddenly GC came and jump in," how can someone do this to the king!! You! doctor!! answer me!! are you a kind of a demon???? Answer me!!" END Ep 5 Recap: Get Faith episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :) 
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there is nothing please help to find how to watch " i beg you guys
@sapphire148 Thanks for the recommendations I took notes on them. I saw that movie yes very vulgar but interesting. Chingu, komawo!
@kuromilove hellooo chingu ^^ im sorry i forgot to give you some historical books i wanted to recommend! i recommend you to watch "Frozen Flower" , its a movie, a very good and vulgar movie taken from that era hehehe as for books, i recommend (u said u learn korean, if im not mistaken? so you can read hangeul too? ^^ The last period of Goryeo dynasty 신돈의 나라(1권) Goryeo dynasty last period - first period of Chosun era 조선 태조 이성계의 대업 (3권) 시골 무사 이성계(1권)
Thank you so much for your hard work. The story is getting interesting...
love it! thanks for the updates! :)
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