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Best Places to Download Free Rap Music

From Old School to New School, Dirty South, East Coast, West Coast, and even to the shores of Europe, rap has embraced the Internet more so than many other genres. In fact, according to Nielsen Soundscan's 2013 report, rap accounted for 50% of all streaming plays online. Thanks to the popularity of rap music, there are many websites that offer free downloads of everything from mixtapes to official releases.

Free Rap Music Downloads
Although illegal peer-to-peer sites abound online, it's important to only download music legally, which means the site that offers the download has the proper authorization to do so or they have created their own royalty-free content, such as popular DIY beats and loops sites. The following legal sites offer free downloads of high-quality rap:

DJBooth is a well curated site that makes a distinction between hip hop and rap, and it includes a Top 20 section for each. In addition, under its "Songs" category, it has a special section for free downloads where you will find many of the top indie rap artists.
For hobbyist, DIY rap fans, HipHopMakers is a creative way to access royalty-free, legal rap beats in the style of big-name rap artists like Dr. Dre and mix them yourself with Fruity Loops Studio freeware or other free, easy-to-use recording software. Instead of downloading artist tracks, you're digging into the world of DJs and turning your headphones into your own private house party.
Datpiff is a must for any rap music fan. Although you can find some free official release tracks on the site, its main bread and butter are mixtapes. Major rap artists, including Snoop Dogg, have tailored mixtapes for release on Datpiff. With over 450,000 users, it is a top destination for rap artists and fans alike.
ArtistDirect, under its "Songs & Downloads" section, offers a handful of free tracks from big rap names such as Eminem. Although its selection is smaller than Bearshare, it is another place to find free music from big name artists.
ReverbNation is always a fun place to find music because the artists are often unsigned, so you might discover the next big act before they make it big. In addition, you will find artists from every corner of the globe, which will give you an interesting glimpse of how rap music is done elsewhere.
Last.FM is another indie rap treasure trove similar to ReverbNation with hundreds of free downloads in many genres including Dirty South, underground rap, Russian rap, and gangsta rap.
British and French Rap
Some feel that UK rap has trouble crossing over because UK slang doesn't always translate well in America, especially in the fast-paced speech of rap music. French artists -- known for their political volatility -- have the same problem crossing over because most Americans don't speak French. Despite any language barriers, both genres are fascinating to explore. You can find free downloads at sites such as:

Soundcloud's abundant French and British rap collections
ReverbNation's up-and-coming indie French rap artists
If you're planning on making any trips to Europe soon, it might be a good idea to immerse yourself in the music they love, especially if you're a rap fan. Exploring the links above is a great way to expand your cultural horizons.

People forget that the hugely popular genre of rap is a relatively young style of music and yet it has proliferated at a startling rate. Rap is an American brainchild, born in South Bronx where it began with DJs at parties building their own equipment and doing improvised MCing. Next time you're in New York City, tip your hat in the direction of Brooklyn and thank them for giving the world rap music.
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Where is the best place to buy rap beats?
Introduction The answer, according to a newcomer to the rap beats world, is that it depends on your particular skill level. The other answer is that there are so many ways and places you can buy beats these days that if you don't have a clear idea of what you want, you can get lost in the buying process. Fortunately, if you're a novice rapper who's decided to purchase beats online for the first time, this guide will help point you in the right direction. So let's explore where to find the best rap beats online! Rap Beats Rap beats are instrumental music tracks that are used as the basis for rap songs. They're often used in hip hop, rap and trap music, but can also be used to make other kinds of songs. Rap beats for sale are usually created using synthesizers, drum machines and samplers. Some even use live instruments like guitars or basses to get a more natural sound. Leasing Beats About leasing beats. You can lease beats for rap musicians, rappers or any other content creator to use in their songs. However, there are some rights restrictions when it comes to leasing beats.  For example, if you're using a standard leased beat license on YouTube then the artist who owns full rights license has full control over how their beat is monetised in YouTube ads and such. This means that if an advertiser wants to put their ad next to a video with a leased beat in it, they will have no choice but to pay the owner of the beat directly instead of paying both you and them at once. Exclusive Rap Beats When you’re looking for rap beats, you will likely come across a few different types of license. There are exclusive and non-exclusive options, which can be confusing. Generally speaking, the more expensive a song is to buy, the better quality and more rights is going to be. Exclusive Beats for sale  are premium versions of regular beats rights that give musicians access to collect all royalties. Exclusive beats include track-outs, wav formats more detailed files than non-exclusive ones—a feature that gives artists standard use where can their song sounds (for example, only YouTube, Spotify and Instagram). If this sounds like something that would work well for your needs then definitely check out some options online today - we're sure there's something out there just waiting for someone like yourself! Conclusion If you’re looking to purchase some quality rap beats, you can buy rap instrumentals at They offer the best selection of high-quality, royalty-free and exclusive beats on the internet today.  Their music catalog is updated daily so that means new beats added every week!
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What Makes New Age Music Interesting? – Some Amazing Facts I bet you did not Know
Image via unsplash What sort of music do you listen to when you are meditating, practising yoga or lulling yourself to sleep? Here are a few interesting facts about New Age Music that may take you by surprise. After all, new-age music may not be as boring as you think it is. What is the hype about? Image via unsplash Harping on mindfulness and trancelike relaxation, new-age music replaces tacit or unexpressed vocals with acoustical instruments, electrical synthesizers ad sounds of nature. This genre of music is also considered as not embracing intricate harmonies and tempos like classical, pop or rock genres of music. Therefore, the chances of you being able to tilt your head and tap your feet to new-age music are next to zero. The salient feature of the new-age music Image via unsplash There are ample new-age music recordings that capture sounds of nature be it the sound of waves, birds, whales or rain. Since new-age music tends to be static with a few harmonic alterations, this type of music is also popular amidst meditation and yoga sessions. This genre of music can be composed with both acoustical instruments as well as synthesizers. While new-age artists like Lasos and George Winston are renowned for using acoustic instruments, those like Engima rose to fame with synthesizers. New age music vs. Ambient Music Image via wikimediacommons As suggested by some of the best music blogs, ambient music tends to focus more on creating an atmosphere, an image or a mood whereas new age is more inclined towards spirituality, optimism and tranquillity. Therefore, you would often consider new age music excellent background music during yoga or meditation. This type of music also has recurrent melodies that create a mesmerizing feeling as opposed to ambient music that envelopes the timbral characteristics of sounds. Listening to Yanni would enlighten you better on what new age music entails while Brian Eno would be a good pick for you to get a grip on ambient music. New Age vs. New wave- is it the same? Image via unsplash Except for the fact that new age music and new wave musical styles both rose to fame in the early to mid-1980s, the genres do not resonate any similar characteristics. New wave music is not a representation of the spiritual movement brought forth by the new age music and is more an offset of punk rock.
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