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These cyclists and another innocent motorist are nearly taken out by an impatient driver. Descending down a rather steep Southern California hill, the driver decides to drive into oncoming traffic on a blind turn just to get in front of a few cyclist who are already going fast. Some people just drive like they want to hurt other people :(
A cyclist has every right to the road as any other vehicle. These guys are moving fast and most likely going the speed. The driver and your comment are both stupid.
Double yellow line means: No Passing! I've been passed by cars many times when oncoming traffic was a factor. Sometimes it's just one vehicle coming in the other direction, but the driver behind me doesn't want to slow down and wait to pass when it's safe. I usually wave cars around me when it's safe to pass. I really appreciate it when people are considerate towards cyclists.
Wow! Very dangerous driving on the part of the driver of the Fiat. Whether I'm a cyclist or another motorist at the time, something like this would really scare me and make me angry to see. Double solid yellow lines indicate no passing. If I had been a cop and had seen this, I would have certainly ticketed the Fiat driver for the maximum the law would allow. Impatient, self-important, reckless and inconsiderate. Those are four ways in which I would describe the driver of that Fiat. They not only put the lives of the cyclists at risk - they also forced the driver of the oncoming car to swerve to the right to avoid a very bad thing happening.
velospeed, Please learn about safe cycling and CA law on undersized lanes. eg CVC 21202. The only fault of the cyclist is that he was NOT taking the full lane at time. However, the rider behind him with the camera was more consistent, so the driver has no excuse. Riding too far to the right on a road where it's not safe for a car to pass is inviting them to do so. Motorcyclists understand this much better than cyclists it seems.
Anyone ever hear of contributory negligence? That Volo cyclist is an idiot asking for trouble by using up the entire road on that descent. No need for that.
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