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Car Cuts off Cyclist at Speed
These cyclists and another innocent motorist are nearly taken out by an impatient driver. Descending down a rather steep Southern California hill, the driver decides to drive into oncoming traffic on a blind turn just to get in front of a few cyclist who are already going fast. Some people just drive like they want to hurt other people :(
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@gbshaun Only lawyers and whiners rely on the law. The rest of us rely on common sense, something which neither the driver nor the Volo cyclist seemed to have during this descent. I'm not going to waste my time reading up on Cali's corny vehicular code because you've basically validated my point anyway - because while you might not have explicitly stated so, your post acknowledges that the cyclist was swerving back and forth, practically daring the car to pass him! Man Shaun, do you even know how to ride a fixed gear?
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Wow! Very dangerous driving on the part of the driver of the Fiat. Whether I'm a cyclist or another motorist at the time, something like this would really scare me and make me angry to see. Double solid yellow lines indicate no passing. If I had been a cop and had seen this, I would have certainly ticketed the Fiat driver for the maximum the law would allow. Impatient, self-important, reckless and inconsiderate. Those are four ways in which I would describe the driver of that Fiat. They not only put the lives of the cyclists at risk - they also forced the driver of the oncoming car to swerve to the right to avoid a very bad thing happening.
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Cyclists need to be respectful, not demanding. "But it's the Law!" and "It's my right"... that crap just isn't going to work in the real world. Excessive kindness and courtesy toward drivers will work faster. That rider is tempting fate and for what, a fun ride?
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Good point, VegasBikeRacing, and well put. Most cyclists in this country are in fact motorists, too.. at least some of the time. So chances are likely that a cyclist here in the US should be able to see both sides of the 'argument', so to speak. It does no good to our sport or its image to be combative toward motorists. There is much that cyclists can do to improve our image with folks who are motorists but not cyclists. Being polite and considerate is a good start.
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What seems to be unexamined by the comments is whether the passing auto had slowed at all for the cyclists. And we'll not really know without a view to the rear. I suspect that the auto driver, impatient for any traffic at all, approached quickly and passed without much slow-down. Though I grant that the cyclist was using extreme edges of the lane—both left and right, he was exhibiting cornering skills of an experienced rider. So too, to a lesser degree, for the cyclist with the frame-mount camera. In any state, the double yellow line means the same: no passing. The fault is the auto driver's, not the cyclists'.
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