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Cyclists moving off from pedestrian lights, a car turns right ahead across the cycle path. One cyclist does not react in time and smashes into the side of the car, breaking their bike but luckily coming away most ok.
cyclist is a douche, he could see the car well before he ran into it.
@jimmyruppert 99.99% of the time I side with the cyclist. In this instance the driver turned before the light changed. The cyclist accelerated when his light changed, which was after the woman had turned. He didn't yield to traffic in the intersection, that's not the driver's fault
Not only that, i think he said he was going 20 MPH? No way, looked more like 12 MPH. He didn't even look like he hit that hard, he stood up the entire time.
Hmm, I agree with everyone else. There was plenty of time to stop
He did have plenty of time to react but she is still in the wrong.
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