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This cake is such a fun party trick :) I love impressing with my cakes, but bringing something like this to brunch or party would make my friends even more impressed, don't you think?? The coils of fondant seem like they will take quite a while to complete, but I think if I enlist a friends help we could make this cake pretty quickly. I've been really fascinated by these "floating bottle cakes" lately, and this is no exception!
Whoa this was a lot more work than I'm willing to put into my cake, but the end result is awesome!
Woah! I definitely have to try these, no doubt about it. I think i want to try one of the "candy" floating ones more, though! @ChristinaBryce
@flourmanaic I'd forgotten about those! I wonder if they'd be much harder.... @Sjeanyoon It is quite a lot of steps, but I think it's doable