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♥Rubik couple♥Im Jae Bum♥ Kang So Ra♥Couple's Destiny♥ Description : - Who are the BiRa&Rubik Couple? * Im Jae Bum (JB-Jang Woo Jea)&Kang So Ra(HaeSung-ShinHaeSung) - Why are they called the "Rubik Couple"? - Because the fate of their love mounted by a block from the film Rubik Dreamhigh2 - Why they have other nicknames Couples? * Because of their movies have more presence to love this: apple, spoon and chopsticks, Rubik, BiSung [JB & HaeSung]. Just as in real life they have many similarities in the blood group A & A. Along with character 4D... - Why we love the "BiRa&Rubik couple"? * Because this is the destiny and they were destined to meet ("JYP" and "DreamHigh2") , because they're chemistry is perfect , because they're very cute together ,because they love to touch each other , because they relationship frienship is adorable , because we love his natural skinships, because she opened her heart to him even when he wasn’t famous and popular because he follow her in twitter, because sometimes JB has called Sora is "noona", but mostly he has called Sora-ssi ♥ How so sweet, right ? + Rules * No bashing our couple or JB&SoRa * We dont want to know if you prefer another persons with JB or Sora * We dont want to read your explains about that * We will always protect friendship of our couple * Enjoy and have fun ********** Basic Info BiRA's cp ● Name: JB ● Real Name: 임재범 / Im Jae Bum ● Profession: Actor ● Birthdate: 1994-Jan-06 ● Height: 179cm ● Weight: 63kg ● Blood Type: A ● Education: Sewon High School ********** ● Name: Kang Soa ● Real Name: Kang SoRa ( 강소라) ● Profession: Actress ● Birthdate: 1990-Feb-18 ● Height: 170cm ● Weight: 44kg ● Blood Type: A ********** Contact Info Website : http://birahouse.bestofforum.com Fanpage : http://www.facebook.com/JBSoraHouse Ps : News, pictures, vids were collected from the official website of the couple BiRa&Rubik . Please correct the name to the source if you take our products to other places. Thanks :)