Youtube How to find songs that are hot, popular and trending in other countries.

This question was on my mind for a while. As an American, I feel deeply immersed in pop culture. Dua Lipa's slippers as well as Kanye west's dwarfed wife are just some of the examples. I love pop culture, and I adore all the participating. I'd make a great host for one of the Gossip & Hollywood info talk shows, where hosts share all about the personal things of Hollywood's most famous actors. Then they switch to hosts with less fame, and then end with a blast from the past, aka sightings or start that haven’t happened in some time. I would share all of these news and rumors with passion, love and affection, while most of present hosts simply smack some of this info, never relate..

As such I'm trying to include more music from other countries to my collection of listening music. I'm only getting to know what is the most popular music in other countries. I started with the European monoliths of Germany, UK France Sweden Spain Portugal Portugal. After spending hours watching Youtube videos, I believed I was an expert and that it would give me all the information I needed. It wasn't easy. It appears that all you can see is what's trending in their area, or even their country. So I searched for websites that claim to offer the top twenty most-popular Youtube songs for their country. But most of it was old and no one would want to write each week on the top 20. download mp4 youtube This kind of thing should be shown on television. This is known as hit-parades.

I was constantly looking.. However, after a few weeks of not having any results and being unable to locate a reliable source of popular songs that are trending in other countries, nearly gave up. The most efficient method to connect to the Internet was to utilize the Firefox proxy plugin (usually FF has more plugins that developers like and I'm sure they do). This would allow me to surf Youtube as if I was in Spain or Germany. It was not very reliable, cause such connections tend to disappear and be slow, however it seemed like a viable solution and I decided to try it. The limited availability of good sources and the need to locate reliable ones were getting to me.

It was the Top 20 Most Popular Youtube Videos link. It could load about two dozen music videos currently in the news on Youtube on demand. I was shown the USA chart first.. Following that, I changed the interface language and selected German. To my delight, Top 20 German music videos which are trending are loaded.. No matter how it happens, I enjoyed it. It's extremely simple, speedy and user-friendly. You can browse and switch languages, and you will find your top-trending songs from Korea as well as other countries including Hungary, Romania and Portugal.