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[ gōng sī zhù chóng ] = Company Moths 公司驻虫 (gōng sī zhù chóng). 公司驻虫 are young, white collar workers whose lives revolve around their company. They get off work very late and have little desire to be at home. Every step of their daily routine — eating, working, resting, socializing, and even dating — all occurs near the office. The term is actually a play on words. 公司驻虫 itself doesn't actually mean 'company moth' but it sounds identical to the phrase that does- 公司蛀虫 (gōng sī zhù chóng)”. Comparison: 公司驻虫 [ gōng sī zhù chóng ] - Insect stationed at the office 公司蛀虫 [ gōng sī zhù chóng ] - Company Moth A breakdown: 公司 (gōng sī): company 驻 (zhù): to be stationed at 虫 (chóng): insect (eg. 虫子 – chóng zi) Example: 不打折的公司驻虫:工作、用餐甚至休息都在公司完成 =Company moths to the core (literally, “without any discount”): work, eating, and resting are all done at the company
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sometimes i feel like a company moth...