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Flexifunnels-Best First Funnel Builder

Flexifunnels is India’s First ever Funnel Builder, Centralize Your Business In One Place with Flexifunnels is a business centralization software for entrepreneurs like you, so that you can take your business online without learning how to code.

PROMOTE your skills & products to the world – sitting at your home
With powerful sales funnels that you can create with simple drag & drop in just 1 day, tailored according to your need.
Flexifunnels Is Exactly What You Need To Start & Become Successful Online.It is the one Stop Solution for all your Online Business Needs
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Top blockchain development companies in 2022
Blockchain along with Bitcoin and digital currency have been a hot topic around the world in recent years. Nevertheless, there are still many controversies about this topic. There are people who worry that Bitcoin might just be a bubble. While other people think that the technology behind it is a breakthrough. However, the Blockchain phenomenon has led to the birth of many businesses who provide a Blockchain platform for users. Let’s find out top blockchain development companies in 2022! 1. IBM The IBM Blockchain Platform provides a complete suite of software, services, tools, and blockchain prototypes based on the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric technology. The IBM Blockchain Platform The company serves all industries including transportation and supply chain, finance, insurance, government, retail and food industries. For example, IBM’s blockchain-based Food Trust has more than 300 suppliers and buyers online with 6 million packaged food products on store shelves. 2. Intellectsoft Established as a mobile app development company, Intellectsoft provides custom software development and consultancy services in technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud computing, and AR. Intellectsoft’s blockchain experts have in-depth knowledge and understanding of various blockchain tools and technologies like Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Stellar, and many more. Therefore, Intellectsoft has successfully helped many organizations design, develop, and maintain software solutions during their 13 years of operation. 3. Pando Infinity Pando Infinity is a technology provider that offers professional IT services and high-tech solutions including Blockchain Development, Web/Mobile Development, Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning…  Specializing in blockchain development, Pando Infinity provide comprehensive blockchain solutions in various ways from transforming and improving existing business processes to developing applications at the most economical prices. DApp Development  Staking Platform: The complete white-label and customizable services help users eliminate middlemen from transactions and grow your business at a faster pace. Yield Farming: Provides a completely transparent and visible platform to users and enables them to grow with ease. DAO development: Assist your application with integrating a DAO protocol into your business. Marketplace Development: Develop NFT Marketplace on a multi-chain that meets the key requirements: Interoperability, Controllability, Secure Transaction, Economical Gas Fee… Smart contract Smart Contract Development: Provide the most accurately coded smart contract conditions which ensures that your Blockchain adheres to the right automation. Audit Smart Contract: Our end-to-end solution makes sure that smart contracts are not susceptible to attacks and hacks. DEX/CEX Wallet Mobile wallet: Provide wallets that are compatible with both Android and IOS platforms with top-north security and the best user experience.  Web wallet: A web wallet that supports multiple currencies, supreme security measures, and also a self-explanatory interface. Marketing Building: Pando Infinity provide clients with full marketing services from content, community, partnership to design and other services on various platforms.  With nearly 200 highly trained and professionally certified experts from various fields, Pando Infinity has become a trusted subcontractor with more than 65 enterprises and startups all over the world like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, VietNam, US, and Australia… Read full article at our official blog:
What is Er glass?
(1) What is Er glass? Er3+, Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass (Er, Yb: phosphate glass) is a popular and usually utilized active tool for lasers generating in the "eye-safe" spectral variety of 1,5-1,6 µm. (2) What's the system of erbium glass? Phosphate glass integrates a lengthy life time (~ 8 ms) of 4I13/2 Er3+ top laser degree with a low (2-3 ms) life time of 4I11/2 Er3+ level that remains in vibration with Yb3+ 2F5/2 fired up state. Quick non-radiative multi-phonon recreation from 4I11/2 to 4I13/2 level considerably decreases the back-energy transfer and up-conversion losses as a result of the communication between Yb3+ and also Er3+ ions, delighted at the 2F5/2 as well as the 4I11/2 amounts, respectively. Basically constantly, erbium-ytterbium-doped phosphate glass is pumped with wavelengths around the 975-nm absorption height of Yb3+ ions. That leads to the excitation of the ytterbium ions. Afterwards, the excitation power may be transferred to neighboring erbium ions. After an efficient energy transfer, one preliminary has an Er3+ ion in the 4I11/2 state (much more particularly, a Stark degree manifold), which has comparable excitation power as the Yb3+ ions. From that state, the ions typically go through a fast non-radiative transition to the state 4I13/2, regularly utilized as the upper laser degree. Such non-radiative changes happen based upon multi-phonon discharge, offered that the phonon power of the product is high adequate (which holds for silica fibers, as an example). (3) Application of Er, Yb: glass in Erbium glass laser Er glass is in addition an outstanding material for upconversion luminescence. Laser acquired the eco-friendly and red laser from erbium-doped glass fiber, and also individuals similarly observed violet upconversion light. The upconversion luminescence of Er: phosphate glass thrilled by Nd: YAG were examined. The upconversion laser will be really handy in lots of applications. Er glass is a pure three-level laser tool. Consequently, it needs to pump almost all the energetic glass aspects. The non-pumped zones give laser light absorption losses. In the case of the traditional pole arrangement, the non-pumped rod ought to be as brief as possible. The optical excitation of the Yb-Er glasses (particularly chromium-free ones) takes place primarily via Yb ions. The only Yb absorption band lies in the near-infrared spectral range (900-- 1000 nm). Water extinction in this spectral array is 1 cm-1. For this reason, the water-cooled laser performance can be drastically decreased due to pump light absorption in the water layer bordering the flashlamp and also the laser rod.
ABOUT US HOME > ABOUT US CFCCARBON CO., LTD is a carbon group company which is the worldwide leading manufacturer of graphite, graphite felt, carbon carbon composite and pyrolytic graphite. CFC CARBON CO., LTD belongs to the graphite company of HTMA GROUP. The company is mainly engaged in developing international market of graphite, graphite felt and carbon-carbon composite. Currently, we have developed a production structure of graphite material, graphite felt and carbon composite. We have Chinese graphite materials, and overseas graphite materials from Japan, France, and USA. We specialize in precise graphite machining. We are capable of machining different types of graphite, such as graphite rods, graphite blocks, graphite boats, graphite pipes, bipolar graphite plates, graphite bearing, and graphite heating elements, Vacuum heating furnace, Silicon thermal field, graphite crucibles and other parts from a wide range of applications. Head office and machining centre is in Beijing, China. Our factory of carbon composite is government owned. We have set up a research and development team, some of which has more than 45 years of research experience in research institute of China in the carbon composite material field, vigorously carried out application research and secondary development of special military technologies and focused on solving low-cost preparation and batch production problems of products. We have the leading advantages of the strongest domestic technical strength, the best employees, the largest equipment number, the strongest productivity, and the most complete detection facilities. We manufacture a wide range of carbon composite |CC composite products, from material (2D carbon composite, 2.5D carbon composite, 3D carbon composite, 4D carbon composite) to products, like carbon composite heater, carbon composite mould, carbon composite insulation barrel, carbon composite bolts nuts, carbon composite screws studs, carbon composite crucible, carbon composite plates, carbon composite rods, Airplane brakes; Aircraft brake disc;… We produce Pan Graphite felt, Rayon graphite felt; rigid graphite felt, pyrolytic graphite, HOPG with low price, big quantity. Good reputation, reliable quality, best service and high technologies are our eternal objectives! Hope we can be your partners soon. We will serve you with our quality products and top technologies and benefit each other. Group factories and addresses: Graphite factory: Baofeng 102 Road, Baofeng county, Pingdingshan city, Henan, China Graphite felt: Building 6#, Jingui Road, Shaoshan city, Hunan province, China. Carbon brush/materials: Hefei city, Anhui province, China Carbon composite: Don’t open to customers. Welcome to visit our factories, and give valuable suggestions!
CI Scientists - Pharma Competitive Intelligence | Competitive Intelligence Biotech
We are a boutique consulting firm providing competitive intelligence support to the Pharma/biotech industry. Here at CI Scientists, science is in our DNA. We inculcate the spirit of inquiry in all we do, disrupting the way CI is practiced in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech space. We are here for you anytime, always! An email or phone call away. Each day, we better our deliveries than the previous ones. Our solutions are customized with stringent process compliances in place. It helps us deliver strategic and actionable competitive insights in an efficient manner, making it a win-win story every time. Consulting services – connecting the dots from data to intelligence: a) Integrated monitoring – A continuous consulting service that monitors the market on a rolling basis, ensuring that you are aware of your competition. b) Conference intelligence – Comprehensive coverage of global scientific conferences, both on-site and virtual. c) Ad-hoc projects – Analyses ranging from promotional content, clinical trial info’, hypothesis testing, MOAs, etc., delivered with speed and accuracy. Products customized for every client: a) EazeeView – A web-based dynamic platform that hosts all your CI needs in a secure environment. b) AssetView – A 3-D, framework-based tool that enables your early-stage asset planning. c) CliniView – The in-house AI-enabled global clinical trials database. More Info :
14 Integrations That Every Online Marketplace Needs
The article was initially published in Codica blog. How make the customers stay with your web store? Statistics show that users leave the site if its download speed exceeds 3 seconds. So, the work of online marketplaces should be convenient and fast. With the help of integrations, you automate operations and meet your users' demands. In this article, we will consider the main integrations for marketplaces that make your customers happy. Overview of the marketplace integrations A marketplace integration: what is it? A marketplace integration is software that assists in adding additional functionality to the marketplace website. How do integrations work? Integrations are built on the application programming interface (API). It enables you to transfer data between two platforms or apps. So, the data from various marketplace websites are added to one platform. The basic steps that integration enables are the following: - Connection; - Data transmission; - Data synchronization. What are the core features that marketplace integrations comprise? Usually, the key features that marketplace integrations offer are the following: - Keeping inventory; - Order tracking and shipment; - Product management; - Analytics; - Payments; - Notifications. Benefits of marketplace integrations The key benefits of adding integrations to your marketplace are as follows: - Managing many supply chains; - Handling inventory with expeditious procurements; - Shipping adapted to the needs of a marketplace; - Checking vendors’ and purchasers’ behavior when they use a marketplace; - Easy and fast processing of payment transactions; Let’s find out what integrations are effective and widely used. Stock management Skuvault Skuvault provides a reporting and analytical system in real-time. It enables vendors to track inventory needs. So, sellers can foresee the needed inventory according to the sales history. This tool allows for reviewing item history, inventory levels, and locations. Moreover, Skuvault comprises many marketplace integration services, such as shipping solutions and accounting. Zoho Inventory This cloud-based solution for stock management enables tracking each good in the sales cycle. Users may apply a Zoho batch tracking system or a serial number. The Zoho Inventory tool has an easy-to-use system for doing warehouse reports. By the way, you may integrate Zoho with Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, and eBay accounts. In such a way, you will expand your sales. Fulfil.IO Fulfil.IO is the only tool created specifically for digital commerce and wholesale. It enables real-time tracking of inventory flow and operations. Furthermore, Fulfil.IO comprises weight conversion and relieves from carrying out additional calculations. You can integrate Fulfil.IO with the following services: Payment gateways. Shipping carriers. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplaces. Orders management QuickBooks Commerce QuickBooks Commerce helps automatically control many warehouses, sales paths, and commerce operations. It serves firms that handle complex supply chains and sell physical goods. This solution enables merchants to generate invoices, send sales quotes, and mark orders according to their fulfillment. SAP Commerce Cloud SAP is a B2C and B2B web commerce platform that offers services to big enterprises for complex operations. This tool helps enterprises to manage their inventory. SAP Commerce Cloud handles orders from any location and simplifies refunds and returns. The image below demonstrates how SAP enables managing orders. Source: Bigcommerce Orders This solution helps optimize orders. Using it, sellers can track the order statuses. Also, the solution assists sellers in making invoices, shipments, and compensations. The tool sorts orders by different parameters. For example, it divides items by date range, coupon code, payment type, and shipping method. Delivery Shippo This tool carriers to platforms and marketplace websites, including e-commerce. Shippo enables vendors to do the following: - Create and handle sellers’ accounts; - Provide instant connection with broadly used carrier platforms; - Customize shipping operations; - Streamline refund and invoicing processes. Tracktry The platform has integrations with about 700 couriers. It enables users to track a package. To do this, they pick a carrier and enter the tracking number. The enhanced UX design helps to discover their order status within moments. Source: Processing of payments Stripe Stripe is one of the most used payment gateways in the world. It enables users to access the following types of payments: - Via electronic wallets; - Via credit cards; - Via bank directs. Braintree The system covers many types of services and payments needed for marketplace operations. This integration uses address and card verification tools. So, buyers don’t need to send payment details to each vendor. Notably, Uber and Airbnb integrated this gateway. PayPal This tool is a popular payment system. It offers integrations for various platforms and marketplace websites. This API enables using card payments, local payment methods, and PayPal transactions. The system provides for paying through bank accounts and split or multi-seller payments. Thanks to its versatility, PayPal is suitable for different types of marketplaces. Data analytics Google Analytics This marketplace tool demonstrates the weak and strong aspects of your store. It identifies site and content issues and compiles relevant reports. Due to these reports, you can discover sources of traffic and actions that happen when customers stay on your platform. This integration enables you to do the following: - Forecast potential revenue from a particular group of customers; - Calculate churn probability; - Integrate with Google Ads to deliver ads relevant to your customers’ needs. Kissmetrics Usually, data analytics solutions demonstrate how often a web page has been accessed or events performed. However, Kissmetrics links the customer’s activity before signing up for your online store. This enables you to discover the need that led users to your website and what they did to become your shoppers. In brief, this integration provides an easy system for making reports that comprise diverse data on your consumers. Mixpanel It is a great data analytics tool for custom marketplace development. It helps analyze the prerequisites of churn and identify the customers’ behavior. Mixpanel allows to perform the following analysis: - Audience segmentation; - A/B testing; - Real-time user behavior tracking. Integrations assist your business in achieving success Integrations are great tools that enhance the work of your marketplace. Using API integrations, you can improve the market reach for your selling portal and control your inventory. If you want to discover more about integrations that fit your business goals, contact us.