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Dr. Angélica Pérez-Litwin is the founder and CEO of ELLA Institute and the Latinas Think Big™ platform/ national tour that is sponsored by Google. The oldest daughter of hardworking Dominican immigrants, she understands the struggles of being Latina and now dedicates her time to inspire Latinas to pursue careers in technology and entrepreneurship. She received her Bachelor's degree from Columbia university and a Doctorate from Fordham University in Clinical Psychology. She has also attended and graduated the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Program, the National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI) Executive Leadership Program, and the Center for Creative Leadership. Check out the ELLA institute at
Woo Fordham represent!
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She's got so many degrees, she has to be good!
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(but really, thanks for sharing :) )
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@onesmile haha of course :)
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A very talented and inspirational woman
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