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This short documentary focuses on Marie Wilcox, of the Wukchumni, a Yokuts Tribe native to Central California. In an effort to save her language, she created the Wukchumni dictionary with the help of her sisters, which is now used by her tribe for weekly lessons. “I’m uncertain about my language and who wants to keep it alive, just a few—it’s sad,” she says. “It seems weird that I am the last one. It’ll just be gone one of these days maybe, I don’t know.”
The language sounds beautiful too
I hope that her language will continue to live on, too many beautiful cultures are disappearing and becoming so similar and boring.
What's your native language @cheerfulcallie? Language and cultural preservation is such a fascinating field to me.
thats sad and its something i fear myself, loosing my native tongue and culture..
I hope that they're able to reinspire the language learning, and it doesn't fail in future generations!
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