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According to Sistar's website the album 'Sweet & Sour' will be released tomorrow at noon KST. Their label said, "SISTAR's hit songs were reborn as remix tracks through skilled electronic artists such as House Rulez, Glen Check, Reno, and DJ Smells. The original song's melody was kept as much as possible, but the songs' moods were changed." The title song of the album "I Swear" is a house dance song by Duble Sidekick. Other than that, past hits like "Loving U" and "Touch My Body" will also be included in the special album, but the songs were remixed ot have a completely different feel. What do you think? Are you looking forwards to the new album?
okay thanks for your advice @ahnjp05 but I don't care anyway give me the same after that you understand. (bien gracias por su consejo @ ahnjp05 pero no me importa de todos modos me dar lo mismo después que usted entiende.) 귀하의 조언에 매우 감사
@edjdl0 haha no problem
@edjdl0 아름답다 is an adjective and it is one word so you don't need to put a space in the middle. Also, 여왕 is the official term used to refer to a queen so it seems rather weird in this context...you could say 아름다운 여자 (beautiful woman) 아름다운 소녀 (beautiful girl) ...? haha
Hermosa princesa reina - 아름 다운 공주 여왕
@edjdl0 what does that mean hahaha
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