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Hövding (The Invisible Bike Helmet) The Hovding airbag for cyclist, also known as the invisible bike helmet, was created by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. The idea developed from as a response to a newly introduced law mandating the use of cycle helmets for children up to the age of 15 in Sweden. Cycling helmets are notoriously uncomfortable to wear, so Haupt and Alstin created the concept of an airbag helmet that was comfortable to wear. To see the Hovding in action, click here: The Copenhagen Wheel The most common excuses to not use bicycles for everyday travel are difficult to combat. Many say that the distance is too far or that they don't want to sweat. Well, one invention will make all these complaints invalid. This device turns any bicycle into a smart electric hybrid bicycle. All you need to do is replace your back wheel with the Copenhagen Wheel. The device captures the energy you input into your pedal stroke and converts that into power used to move the bicycle forward. The wheel pairs with a phone app that allows you to set the speed, monitor your output and various other neat data. Find out more here: The Siva Atom The Atom is a lightweight, extremely efficient bicycle generator and rechargeable battery pack. It has the ability to charge any electronic device vis USB. You'll never have to worry about running out of power while on the road! Check out the Atom here: The Backtracker Backtracker is a radar-powered motion sensing device that keeps cyclists safer and vehicles more alert. The device has two main parts. The first piece is the radar which doubles as a rear light that blinks faster as cars move closer and closer. The second piece is the cockpit indicator. It straps onto your handlebars like a cyclocomputer, however, it shows you when a car is behind you and how close the car is. This indicator will also tell you if the car is traveling at a safe speed or not. When cars approach, your light will begin to blink faster and faster. Help get the Backtracker starter here: Loud Bicycle Horn The Loud Bicycle is a simple invention with great potential. Although horns have been around for ages, don't seem to respond to many sounds. The Loud Bicycle Horn was developed to sounds like a real car horn, and it works! People will hear you coming and give you more respect on the road! Even if you find an alternative to Loud Bicycle, you can be certain that loud horns may have a stable future in the cycling industry. If you want to learn more about this horn or how you can buy it, use this link: BikeSpike Stolen bikes are difficult to recover and the recovery process is quite time consuming. Often times the most effective way is having good timing, recovering the bike quick enough to beat the thief to parting it out. BikeSpike is a device used to bicycle recovery. It acts a GPS that allows you to easily track and recover your stolen bike. The device will send you messages onto your mobile phone when your bike is moving without you, allowing you to get to your bike before the thief gets away clean. Design of the device was considered. The device mounts to and hides in a water bottle cage that attaches unnoticeably. BitLock At first glance the BitLock looks just like a standard U-Lock. It is a stainless steel U shaped lock with a reputation for reliability. However, the BitLock is much more than just a standard lock. The BitLock doesn't lock with a key, it locks with your phone. Bitlock senses your proximity to the bike and will unlock when you are within 3 feet of the bike. Learn more about BitLock on their website:
@JackMehoff Everything worked for me except the Copenhagen Wheel, because the link wasn't clickable, and BikeSpike, because the link was missing. Everything else worked for me!
I'm reaching pages that say the videos don't exist.
The Hovding is quite amazing, I wonder if there would ever be a low profile "aero" version for road cyclists...