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Winner, who only debuted a few weeks ago, is already on the top of the Chinese charts!! Way to go boys!! According to YG, 'WINNER took the top place on the Chinese QQ Dien Fung Chart’s popularity chart on the 13 and then now, they have taken the No.1 on QQ Music KPOP chart, proving their high popularity in the country. QQ Music chart is a chart whose rankings are updated by the number of streaming within a week. WINNER’s ‘’empty’’ topped the chart by recording total 6,180,757 on QQ Music as of the 22. ‘’empty’’ is one of the double title tracks of WINNER’s debut album, which is a rap and hiphop song that expresses an empty feeling after breakup. WINNER member SONG MINHO and YG’s team B member B.I and Bobby wrote the lyrics and B.I wrote the melody, to draw much attention. WINNER has been showing a big potential recently by sweeping top places on charts in and out of the country. On the 21, they took the No.1 trophy for the first time in Mnet’s ‘’M-countdown’’ and then on the 22, they topped KBS 2TV’s ‘’Music Bank’’, creating sensation. WINNER is drawing all the more attention in both Korea and China, appealing to a large body of the public, recording an extraordinary growth as a rookie. That is why people are paying keen attention what steps WINNER will take, after gaining a big attention in Asian countries including Korea, Japan, and China. Meanwhile, WINNER will hold an autographing event to celebrate the release of their debut album, in Busan and Incheon on the 23, to give back to fans’ love and waiting.'