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I was listening to my ipod on shuffle and his song kiss kiss came on I started to cry this man is breaking the hearts of all his fans I don't understand anymore :'(
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yes we all need to clam down :) and see what happens @ahnjp05 @anitxiwa
lets listen to bim first
@anitxiwa sorry, I thought her ribs were only bruises - I didn't realise he nearly broke them (I mean, both are equally bad...but the fact he went that far is just even more damning..) @kpopgirl17 to be honest, regardless of the results of the police investigation, it seems like the consensus has already been made. Drugs scandals, sex scandals and other such controversies are possible to come back from but assault? I can't imagine an idol's career surviving an investigation like this...
so sad to hear that :°×
come to think of it, being popular you are subject to controversies and scrutinies of all the people who watch and idolizes you...sometimes it is too much to take especially when no one understand you and just judge you accordingly...