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Motorist shaved the hair off my left leg.
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damn, he better have been rushing to the hospital or something there's no excuse for cutting that close
OMG what is wrong with drivers?!?! I s2g some people are just out to get you. Stay safe!!!
Had a related situation this weekend. I do take the lane and in this case there was a median which meant not enough room for a car and a bike. I took the lane and a jerk honked his horn at me at which point I gave him a salute. When he did pull up beside me we traded insults for a few seconds and he sped off like the asshole he was. If you can't wait the extra 10 seconds for there to be room for both of us then your life is worse than I care to know about! Point is, I am still alive and he isn't in jail for killing a cyclist. These idiots don't realize I am saving their lives as well as mine by slowing them down and taking the lane in dangerous situations.