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kim hyun joong
Don't take me bad or anything but I still support him, I know he is bad, I wouldn't say his my favorite or anything but if he happened to fall I would still give him a hand with a smile. You don't have to argue with me, we all got different opinion. Yes what he did was bad, can't ague with that. It's probably the end of his career don't add more to that.
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I can't agree more @ahmjp05
3 years ago·Reply
I Wonder Though How Things Have Come To this. I Have read everything and it seems to me that he was trying to get out of the relationship and she wouldn't let go. Love his music and that won't change.
3 years ago·Reply
Not to excuse what he did.
3 years ago·Reply
I feel the same, @dracorouge sometimes some people love the wrong way and can't let go
3 years ago·Reply
Great thanks that someone understand korean celebrities is human too not gods
3 years ago·Reply