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funny concert story :D so it was during smtown 2 and i look across from my row and see this guy now let me give you an image of him -he is a buisness man -with a briefcase and suit and tie and everything -late 40s -and looks super judgemental now during the concert he does nothing but sit there with this face of "i hate my life right now" but when snsd comes out he frikin busts out doing all the choreo perfectly and singing the lyrics in japanese and korean and he busts out like a bajillion pen lights and signs from his briefcase BUT THATS NOT ALL HE IS A SHAWOL TOO HE DID THE LUCIFER DANCE AND EVERYTHING lets say my mind was blown and i really wasnt paying attention to snsd or shinee xD the end
wow!! it's great!! good for you! i loved your stories! seriously! and thanks for sharing with us~ (^.^~)
i have many more and will share them soon along with other concert pictures~ @liaamandald
@liaamandald yess this is a real story and i laughed so hard! :D
sorry! this is a real story? or created by you? you went all this concert! :)
OMG! i love to read your storys!! it's amazing! i probably be the same as you if i see this fan. i would laughed so hard!