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It seems TTS will be joining the small screen as OnStyle releases news that the three Girls Generation members TaeYeon, SeoHyun and Tiffany will be promoting their upcoming comeback through a reality TV show. The TV show will be called 'The TaeTiSeo' will feature the everyday life of the girls. “We are planning to release our new album between late summer and early fall. I think through this show, viewers can see how we work and also our story behind the stage,” Tiffany said. “I want to show TTS’ fashion, beauty, and making procedure of the album as well,” Taeyeon said. “We won’t emphasize ‘swag’ only. Our aim is to advice girls in our age and share useful information with them,” Tiffany added. “‘On Style’ mainly deals with fashion and beauty information which makes “The TaeTiSeo” different from other reality shows. It does not, of course, deal with pain and hardship of life; rather, it will show their way of living and how the members of TTS communicate each other,” said the show’s chief producer. The show will air on Tuesday.