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Wheel Shields is probably one of the most innovative inventions to come from the longboarding industry for a while. Chase Kaczmarek, creator of Wheel Shields, came up with the idea after a bad crash caused from wheel bite. I think we can all relate to this experience. However, Wheel Shields does soooo much more than just eliminate wheel bike. Probably my favorite benefit of this accessory is that it keeps water from splashing up at you while riding. If you have ever ridden on wet roads, even if it's a tiny patch of water, you know that water will fling in the air off the wheels. These Wheel Shields stop that all together. Beyond eliminating wheel bite and acting as mini longboard wheel fenders, the Wheel Shields have a few more benefits. It allows riders to stand on the wheels, using more space on the board and eliminating shoe bite. It prevents locking up of wheels like riding close to friends. Allows riders to come up with new tricks that utilize the benefits of the design. And, apparently the creator says wheel shields increase bearing life because the shields fit snuggly against the outer bearing, keeping water from entering the bearing. Rob Thomson, the Guinness World Record holder for Longest Distance on a Skateboard (7,500 miles) had this to say about the idea of Wheel Shields. "Wheel Shields are brilliant. Hands down the biggest innovation in longboarding. I wish I had Wheel Shields when I skated around the world. Wheel Shields have changed the longboard transportation paradigm forever. They are an elegant solution to a frustrating problem." Chase was successfully funded by Kickstarter, have started production, created a website, and have now launched their store! Check out their website here:
We need more inventors like him!!
These are seriously awesome. I'll think about picking up a pair but it looks like the black and silver pairs are sold out online