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The Great Doctor a.k.a Faith (Korean Drama) Ep 5 - LIVE Recap

Ep 1 Recap: 
 Ep 2 Recap: Ep 3 Recap: Ep 4 Recap: START GC suddenly came to the palace to meet the king. He said, "Answer me!! Where do you come from??!! Are you a kind of demon or what??" ES was really nervous and didn't know what to answer. But the King just jumped in and defend her. He accused him for rebelion and trying to kill the queen, but he didn't admit. He was looking for CY, but they tried to protect him. He was shouting with rage for them to show where CY is. Suddenly ES said, "You can't meet him now. CY is my patient. He is under my protection. Who are youu??!! How dare you speak casual Korean with me?? How old are you?? I am a doctor from Kang Nam." GC said, "How dare you trying to mess up with me, GC??" ES said, "Ohhh so you said your name is GC?? ohhh I remember you from the history book! You won't get anything from Won nation!! I even know how you will die, but you know what? I won't tell you!" She is soo brave, but when she left, she was trembling. When she was trembling outside, suddenly JB came and hold her (wew I see something here!) They are trying to do the surgery for CY again. Meanwhile, CY who was asleep, had another imagination/dream. He met his dad again, and he remember about his fellow warrior girl. So they actually have love relationship!!! They were together, but because of the trauma she had after the king killed their general, she killed herself and only left CY with a 'red moon' scarf. He was so painful that he moved in his dreams. ES was upset and doesn't understand what happen. She said, "that psycho!! (CY) I already tried to treat his infection, but why is he not awake now?? I don't understand." JB then explain to her that if the patient doesn't have the willingness to live, then there is no treatment can cure the patient. ES explained why she moved from surgeon to be a beauty surgeon. She said, "I am good with surgery. But I don't like patients. Thats why I moved. I am in charge of beauty surgery. You know? If I do a double eye lid surgery, how much will I get?? I can't get that amount if I am only a surgeon." Meanwhile, GC was really upset. His guards and him can't understand who and how did ES (the nation doctor) came. GC said, "I need to see the king." This time though, when he went to see the king, this time, kneeling down!! The king said, "I need to find out the mystery about how my officials were murdered." Then the king took out the letter which they got from the murder. He asked GC, "who do you think wrote this?" GC said, "it was the God sent it to you." He asked, "if I achieve this mission, will there be a prize?" King asked, "what do you want?" He said, "what I want the most, is you. I want you to be on my side. Your people. I want your heart." King laughed, "heart? OK then, let's use other people heart first. Let's start with the nation doctor. Let's see who can get her heart first. Me, or you. then we can continue. 7 days. What do you think? it's enough, right?" Then GC agreed. Meanwhile, ES now is still struggling to find some herb and medicine for CY. The guard called her and said, "CY condition is getting worse. There is no pulse at all." The guard left and let her be with him. She said, "I accidentally heard your conversation with the king. I know that you don't want to live anymore, but please stay alive." Then he is not moving, so ES start crying and give him CPR!!! She was trying really heart. JB came in and said, "there is no use. He is not breathing." But ES still insisted. She said, "you have to stay alive!! you promised me!!" She keep trying the CPR for quite a while, and finally the pulse came back!!! so relieved!! (hehehe even though I know they won't kill the main leading actor hehehe) That night, the queen heard about the deal that king and GC made. and she was opposing that deal. She said, "are you crazy? as a king, how could you sacrifice your people?" She said, "when everyone left, who will stay with you all the time?" King asked angrily, "who are you talking about? Are you talking about CY? Last time you talked to him seperately. What was the purpose of that talk??" Queen said, "I was worried about you." King said, "Are you sure?? You are worried about me?" Queen said, "If you fall down, i fall down too. If you are stepped on, I am stepped on too. If you are hurt, I will be hurt too. I am worried about you. But you don't really care right? then forget it. I won't even ask, I won't even come to you anymore." In the other part of the palace, GC's guard tried to come and attack them and try to take ES away. JB tried to protect them and ask whether they have the king's order, but they just use violence. Other guy came and said that it was an order from the King. So they finally took ES away with them. The next day, CY finally is awake!!!! JB helped him to dress up, but CY didn't say anything to him. He already heard about the order to take the nation doctor away. He was disappointed to JB. He said that he should have protected her. He was trying to go to see the king, but JB asked, "what are you trying to do? do you have enough power to 'attack' the king now?" CY said, "I don't enough power. But I have to go." Then JB gave him some pills to treat his pain and he took it. He left and went to meet GC. GC is still really curious about who the doctor is and how she can cure people and how she can predict the future. The king now is with an eunuch and he was panic himself. He was worried now that CY tried and went to save ES and went to GC's place. Meanwhile, EJ 'greet' CY and invited him to come in, but he ended up attacking all the guards. (oh sorry guys i just found out a very hillarious scene, where he is holding the modern police shield instead of the old one). Meanwhile, EJ and SI were just looking from faraway. Then EJ started to use his supernatural power. He started to blow his flute and sending out this very supersonic sound that kill every guard, even CY's ear start bleeding and he also start to vomit blood. He tried to defend himself by using his supernatural power too, but he is too weak for EJ. CY's guard helped him from far by blowing whistle and he was saved. The guards was in the palace and all of them asked him to take his order back (to save CY and ES), but the king refused. Finally, CY made it to break in where ES is kidnapped. ES touch his face and said, "you made it!! you are awake!! and you came to save me." But suddenly, GC, EJ, and SI came at the same time. CY said, "I came myself. Not because of the king." END Ep 5 Full Ep: Ep 6 Recap (08/28): Get Faith episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :) 
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can some one plzz explain dat is dat lady in the pic past love queen..somehow i find dat resemblence..n also in previous episode..the queen isclose to him
@ardeliavinta... it's on dramacrazy .net, ep 5 is subbed already, ep 6 is still raw...^^ enjoy...
@sejlahidanovic can i have the link of the raw episode ??
thanks for the notice guys just started watching raw episodes 5 and 6
ratings also got better heiheihei :) @sejlahidanovic thank you for reading!! it will air in around 40 more minutes :)
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