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BAN CHIP SEAL Exeter, Colorado is home to some of the most incredible longboarding runs. One of these hills, named G-Spot, has been ruined and left unrideable. The culprit is named chip seal. In the video shown, Tanner Morelock rides G-Spot for the last time before construction begins the next day. Chip seal makes road incredibly rough, but is a slightly cheaper alternative to the standard process and layering of asphalt. Asphalt and chip seal are not too different. Chip seal consists of large rocks laid onto a bed of sticky black tar. Asphalt is a mixture of black tar, large rocks, small rocks, and sand. The mixture allows the road to be much smoother. The chip seal mixture doesn't just affect longboarders. Drivers will have to deal with a louder, less smooth roads and cyclists may be more prone to punctures and flats because of the rough surface. So let's do what we can and stop the use of chip seal before a hill near you is ruined.
Its the road right behind the town of Georgetown, off I-70
Daaaaamn, this is so rad!!
I know exactly where that is lol
very awesome hill!
That sucks, cause this is amazing!!
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