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The chatterbait is simply a jig with a blade attached to the jig eye that makes the sound of a “chatter” as it wobbles vigorously back and forth as water is displaced. The blade hits the head of the jig. That unique sound and action is what makes this jig successful. Sometimes people add a soft plastic as a trailer, and other times they don't. Either way its a nice hybrid between a buzz and spinner bait. It gives good sound, vibration and flash to get attention even in incredibly dirty, murky water, which makes it great for fall fishing when bass hit this kind of shallow. The chatterbait is not entirely snag proof, but will avoid hanging up better than some lures do. It is best fished where there is no heavy cover of grass or wood. This is just a basic introduction. @mcgraffy and @happyrock asked for some tips, so I'll share what I can. I'll put all the cards in this collection so I hope you enjoy it.
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@yakwithalan Yeah I was planning on starting that today
You gonna share those tips about bladebaits too, or shall I? ha. @dougjohnson
@dougjohnson Thanks!! looking forward to it
@mcgraffy Yeah it should be
Hey @dougjohnson thanks for starting this collection, seems like it'll be really helpful thanks