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Choosing the right color both for the blade and the trailer can have an effect on how well the chatterbait works for you. Because chatter bait is a style of lure and not a brand, it is available in a variety of sizes and color choices. As always, keep water conditions in mind when choosing colors. If clear water and hi-vis, choose colors similar to the bait fish naturally found in the area with only a bit more color. If you're in dark or murky water, use bright chatter baits to make it easier for the fish to find. The best thing in my opinion is you can't work these lures wrong, there is a time and place for them as they are not a magic bait that will put fish in your boat no matter what but it is the best over all lure I've ever used and I always have at least one tied on and more often then not 2 or 3 to cover the color selection one any given body of water. I hope this gets you started off in the right direction and other then Fogy Green “my favorite” use the colors you have most confidence in. If you like a chartreuse and white spinnerbait go ahead and use that color combination along with past experiences on the water to help you build confidence in this lure, because at the end of the day without confidence in your equipment you won't be happy with it. Use the color combinations that match your conditions, but also that match your personal preferences so that you can throw good casts and feel like you're going to get something.
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@yakwithalan @happyrock it's definitely my favorite color!
So if I don't have enough rods to keep 2-3 colors tied, you recommend keeping the Fogy green?
I am also a foggy green user!
@mcgraffy It's definitely true. If i don't think the color is gonna work, I don't fish it as well, and then it doesn't work as well.
I like that you agree its all about what colors youre most confident in, that really decides if itll work or not