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Where to fish chatter baits for Bass
There are a ton of places when fishing with chatterbaits is the right choice: * stained water! * shallow water! * shad along the bank * around laydowns and docks * around grass is particularly effective because sunfish and crawfish hang out there (use a darker bait with some orange, slow-rolling through the grass) * on deep ledges where fish are waiting to ambush * slow rolled in 15 to 20ft of water like a spinnerbait * in the fall, in creeks the chatter bait can really attract them * in holes in the grass, especially when the bass are bedding there
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nice and easy to follow thanks doug
3 years ago·Reply
grass and shallows, got it!
3 years ago·Reply
@dougjohnson are lakes still good in fall or is creeks totally preferable?
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