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Taking express buses in Korea can be a rather stressful experience as I found out last weekend so here's a quick guide to help you out. Firstly, of course, you should decide your departure location and your destination. For this article, we'll assume that your departure is 고속터미널 (Gosok Terminal), the express bus terminal in Seoul. There are other terminals in Seoul but this is the main one. I'll make another card with the bus codes for popular destinations so be sure to check back (HERE) tomorrow. Express buses are called as such because they run on the expressways. They will normally stop at a rest stop once during the journey but will rarely stop in a city other than the destination city unless there is some kind of problem or emergency. The buses are split into two categories; 일반 (regular) and 우등 (luxury) buses. The regular buses are normally approximately 10,000won cheaper than the luxury buses but do not run as frequently. Bus tickets can be bought in person at the station or online. If you buy them online, you'll be needing either a Korean bank card (enabled for online use) or a Korean friend's card! There are two different websites but continuing the assumption that you'll be leaving from the Express Terminal in Seoul, you can use this website: There doesn't seem to be an English option so if you don't read Korean, please check this card ( for a quick explanation of the Korean. After searching, the next screen will show you the timetable for that route for a few hours either side of the time you specified. Again, if you don't read Korean and would like a quick explanation of the screen, you can check the sample here ( It is particularly important that you check the remaining seats, if the number starts getting low prior to your departure date you should perhaps consider reserving your seats or going to the station and buying the tickets in advance. I hope this is helpful, if you have any questions,
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I love the photo of the bus station, too. It sure isn't the Port Authority of New York! :) So clean and bright!
@spudsomma I've been to New York but I've never been to Port Authority so I can't comment...not as nice? nicer? There are two sections to the bus terminal; the older section and the newer section. The older one has all the old restaurants and cafes whereas the newer one has all the chain coffee shops, ice cream stores and the like. What people don't realise is that on the basement floor, there are lots of chicken & beer restaurants; the hidden gem!!
@funkystar25, the Port Authority has been cleaned up a bit, but is still the armpit of New York. Your goal is to arrive just a few minutes before your bus leaves so you spend as little time there as possible:)
@spudsomma hmmm, I think the Seoul bus terminal is quite a bit nicer than that. My friend came late to the station last weekend and we ended missing our bus and had to wait three hours until the next bus - it wasn't actually that bad!
this is so useful, if only we had cards like this for every city!!