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Hello everyone!!! sooo happy that Ep 3 and 4 are coming out this week :D I'll post the Ep 3 Viki video here once it comes out, so just follow me and check out this page for more stuff ( v3sia are working together to post lotsss of stuff for TTBY, so check out the page and our other links! ============================================= Ep 1 Live Recap ( ) Ep 2 Preview ( ) Ep 2 Live Recap ( ) Ep 2 Subbed video ( ) Ep 3 Preview ( ) Ep 3 Live Recap ( ) Ep 3 Subbed video ( Luka's page ( ) v3sia's page ( ) TTBY page ( ) p.s. If you can't watch the video, try downloading hotspot shield. WORKS PERFECTLY teehee
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working now.. gee..thanks luka
YEAHHHH i agree with neaa thankssss Luka MUACKS we all love you!
thanks luka.. thats really sweet of you :)
@someone123 ohhh yah, it was ep 2 cos ep 3 wasnt up yet, but nowwww it's ready!!! 99% subbed in Spanish and English! @neaa @FishfishyuYu keke I know how to watch VIki videos though... you just need to download this program called Hotspot Shield and you can watch it perfectly! I use it all the time its my special secret which I'm sharing with you cos... I love you guys :) Here's the link to check out (
isn't episode 3 eppisode 2 o.o
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