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[English, German, and Chinese] Hi Friends

I am so happy that there is a language exchange here. I speak English and German, but I would like to work on improving my Chinese and Japanese skills. I am conversational in Chinese, but my Japanese is of the baby gibberish type, lol.
I only studied in English and my country's language,Bahasa Malaysia. And the kids in the house all went to Chinese schools so I had no choice but try to speak the language so I'm now also conversational in Chinese. I was so interseted in the Japanese language so bought a book to learn it but I'm still at the very basic stage. Am glad there's a learning Korean here,will try my best to learn it.
hi rachelina!!! just wanted to make a comment to say - your language mix is really unusual. Grin. I know very VERY few people who can speak eng german chiense and baby Japanese. kudos to you!