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Just a month after their 'Touch&Move' promotions for 'Touch My Body', SISTAR has surprised fans with an extra summer single 'I Swear'. Personally I found the song a little mediocre...it's a funky, upbeat summer track but we've had a constant stream of that over the summer. I was hoping for something a little different, something new - I think it's also just because I set high standards for SISTAR as they're one of the few strong girl groups. A lot of fans have taken to the comment section on Youtube to express their feelings about SISTAR's sexy concepts getting rather out of hand citing the opening scenes of Bora's short shorts and the pool scenes etc. What do you guys think? Innocent fun in the sun or crossing the line a little?
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meh..I don't think it's any worse than other stuff we've seen recently but I will admit to expecting a bit more than this...
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