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Here's a song for Art History nerds everywhere! The music video for "70 Million" by Paris-based indie-pop band Hold Your Horses! recreates a wide span of some of the most important paintings in history all condensed to a mere three minutes. Test your art knowledge and feel free to comment below with some of the names you've been able to identify! (Spoiler: 1:53 is my #1 art nerd favorite - "Salome with the Head of St. John the Baptist" by Italian painter Caravaggio. Gotta love some gory Baroque!)
I love this! My art history teacher in high school showed us this at the beginning of the year (we could only name a small number) and the end of the year (we could name 99%!!!)
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@kristenadams That's awesome! I could see using this if I were an art history teacher myself. It'd be a really funny teaching tool.
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I am at about 30%.....yikesss @danidee
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