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Hyuga: So everything is your doing!?! Asahina laughed at the fact that Hyuga only realized it now. Asahina announced he'll reform Next Innovation. Makoto jumped in front of Hyuga's bike to stop him. She cried watching old video of Hyuga and Asahina in the past. Asahina asked her to work at Next Innovation with him. Hyuga returned his ID to Asahina and said goodbye. Hyuga told Makoto: "Here (Next Innovation) was my everything." Makoto smiled looking at him. Ep 7 recap
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I think there ll be 11 eps ^^
and thanks @Somnia :)) hugs
you guys got it right. it has been announced there will be 11 eps
enough time for Hyuga to restore his reputation and company... with Makoto at his side nothing will be impossible...
@Kommoon, you're welcome hug hug