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Makoto (tearful): "It doesn't matter in what way but won't you let me stay by your side? I want to work with you (aka stay by your side)." Hyuga (eyes are red, smiling): "Didn't I tell you? Now…(hesitated when he saw her big eyes starring at him)…just think about yourself." Makoto (teared up, forcing herself to smile): You're right… from ep 7 recap
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this the best part of a drama...sadness
hmmm agreed....
I love Hyuga's face when he kind of regretting what he just said to Makoto... Nice acting, Oguri-san!
i love this scene. Is it just me? A lot of chemistry is flowing from the two.. They look good together. Hyuga should have hugged her! :)
you're not the only one! it's a sad scene but I love it too!!!