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Asana for Improving Posture

Grab a small dish towel and enjoy this great back stretch. It strengthens and stretched your back and shoulder muscles to help you improve and maintain your posture.
lol my parents always say my posture is so bad maybe I should try this? XD
i need to start doing this :)
You definitely should @AgentCory, I try to get all my students to do this or similar stretches in my class.
that's good thing to be shared.. its real cool, simple and effective!!
will this help with my scoliosis ?
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Make March Better Final Update!
Well, it's the last week in March and it's got me thinking, "WHERE DID ALL MY MONTH GO?!" But seriously, I hate how we start each month with such optimism and then at the end of the month we are wondering where it's all gone... But, instead of being upset about waisted time, I'm going to focus on what I did well and what I learned for next month! Here were my goals at the beginning of March: 1. Yoga workout 4 times a week! 2. Drink 3 16-oz bottles of water a day! Here's what happened/what I did! Accept and appreciate the small stuff. I did a really great job at improving drinking water and blew away my goal of drinking 3 16-oz bottles a day! I even was able to research more about healthy water intake, and tips to keep me drinking an hydrated through the day! I'm very proud of myself for that :D What I learned this month. Taking the extra time to make something fun, colorful, and happy makes it easier to follow-through. For example: I hated drinking water because it was boring. I took a little extra time to Clear and actionable goals. One of my goals was to do yoga 4 times a week. What I didn't do was define HOW LONG. So what stared out 1 hour sessions, turned into 20 min sessions by the end of the month. I'm going to set a TIME for how long I have to stay on the mat. Next months goals : Still working on this, but I'd like to incorporate more cardio for next month. I'm also going to write out a full schedule of my weekly workout starting every Monday. I also found if I write something down and share it, it tends to work better. What did you all learn this month?? @Kalash47 @mArshadKhan @LadylikeTerror @DaniFlanny @sshwang1 @Fogsea7 @MiniV @annamolly @atmi @1FallenAngel @alywoah
6 Easy Ways To A Smooth Neck
Because the skin on your neck is some of the thinnest on your body, it is also one of the first places to show signs of ageing. Here are six ways to make your neck look younger and address everything from sun damage to sagging on this delicate area. 1. WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY SINGLE DAY. Your dermatologist will agree that a nickel-sized amount of sunscreen applied to your neck and chest every day will help prevent collagen breakdown and the formation of sunspots. Don't forget to massage the sides and back of your neck. 2. MAINTAIN YOUR SKIN'S MOISTURIZATION. Again, the skin on your neck is thinner and has fewer oil glands than the rest of your body, so keeping the area hydrated is essential for a smoother overall texture. Look for peptide-containing creams (which can help stimulate new collagen growth) and apply them in gentle, upward strokes from your chest to your jawline. 3. RECLAIM YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP. Do you always wake up with pillow lines on the side of your neck? Apply one of these silicone patches before going to bed to keep your skin from crinkling while you sleep. You'll wake up with a smoother neck and less chance of further damage. 4. FOCUS ON CORRECT POSTURE. The amount of time we spend looking down at our phones and screens has resulted in what we now refer to as "tech neck." The simplest solution would be to limit screen time entirely, but more realistically, you should keep everything as close to eye level as possible to avoid unnecessary wrinkling. 5. GIVE LASER TREATMENTS A GO AHEAD. Still have fine lines on your neck? Fraxel lasers, stimulate your body's natural repair process to promote collagen growth. Fraxel can also be used to treat any dark spots or broken capillaries in the area, giving you a more even complexion. 6. ULTRASOUND TREATMENT FOR SERIOUS REPAIR. Ultherapy or Ultracel is your best non-surgical option for deeper, more stubborn lines and sagging. The FDA-approved treatment uses heat generated by focused sonic waves to penetrate deeper into the skin and stimulate the production of new collagen. Take note that the effect is gradual, and most patients notice a lifting effect three to six months after the initial treatment, so be patient.